Gajimu Garment Newsletter
January/February 2020
Dos and Don'ts for Gajimu Garment Interviewers
Interviewers for Gajimu Garment are expected to work on the basis of certain principles and methods. Based on this, the Gajimu Garment team has produced several videos, to guide interviewers in their work.
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Decent Work Check January 2020

Online survey intakes:


Collecting face-to-face survey data will continue in April 2020.
Gajimu's Activities
WageIndicator Data Academy by Gajimu and TURC
During the last three months, Gajimu and the Trade Union Rights Centre (TURC) have prepared the WageIndicator Data Academy for Gajimu interviewers. For example, they are talking to the interviewers who will become Data Academy students and are designing the training manual. The WageIndicator Data Academy is scheduled to start in March 2020.
Factory Updates
Working Conditions Improvements
Which factories have improved their working conditions during the Gajimu Garment project? You can see for yourself on the Gajimu Garment website. Start by checking out two examples, among many others:
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Factory Numbers (up to January 2020)
  • 140 garment factories have been surveyed
  • 12 factories have conducted a second wave of surveys
  • 125 factory info pages are available on Gajimu Garment
  • 10 factories requested that survey results will not be published online
  • 5.899 valid Decent Work Check surveys are collected
  • 25 factories agreed to improve working conditions
  • 4 surveyed factories have closed down
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Gajimu Updates
New Provincial and Regency/City Minimum Wages
Minimum wages in Indonesia differ per province, regency and city. See what you should earn, wherever you are working in Indonesia, on
Gajimu Garment is a website where workers, employers and other stakeholders in the Indonesian garment industry can easily access information about wages, labour law and the compliance rate by individual garment factories. Gajimu Garment was initiated by the WageIndicator Foundation - with support from the C&A Foundation - to enhance labor market transparency for the benefit of the public at large, and more particularly of those working in the garment industry.

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