Gajimu Garment newsletterJanuary 2018
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27 factories guarantee severance pay for workers

Among 85 factories that were surveyed, in 27 factories all workers will receive severance pay when their contract is being terminated. However, in 1 factory none of the workers will receive severance pay.

New intake record for Decent Work Check survey

Factory updates

Most improved factory: Ciptagria Mutiara Busana

The management of Ciptagria Mutiara Busana and its trade union reached an agreement to conduct bipartite social dialogue regularly. Moreover, the factory provides nursing facilities available within the factory's area.

Most improved factory: Hari Mau Indah

Hari Mau Indah applied for an exemption for paying the minimum wage due to financial issues. However, the factory has now agreed to gradually include their workers in social security schemes.

Best factories in Bogor Regency and City

  1. Coats Rejo Indonesia
  2. Ricky Putra Globalindo
  3. Forta Larese

91 factories online,
12 more to go

Current status:
  • 91 factory pages online
  • 12 factories improving working conditions
  Factories to be added:
  • 12 factories being verified (coming soon)
  • Surveying will resume in February 2019
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Interviewer of the month

Fajar (right) is one of Gajimu's surveyors in Sleman, Yogyakarta. He had a rough start with the management of certain factories regarding the survey. However, with perserverance he managed to establish and maintain communication between management and the factory's trade union.
Gajimu updates

Salary Check

What monthly wage does a shoe production machine operator with 5 years of experience earn?
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