Gajimu Garment newsletter December 2018
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Female garment workers earn minimum wage less often than men

90 per cent of the men working in Indonesian garment factories receive a salary that is equal to or more than the minimum wage. However, only 84 per cent of the female workers earn enough, according to WageIndicator's report on the Gajimu Decent Work Check.

New intake record for Decent Work Check survey

Factory updates

Most improved factory: PA Rubber Indonesia Jaya

The trade unions and the management of PA Rubber Indonesia Jaya have created a new collective agreement, ensuring the rights of the factory's workers. The agreement was signed as a result of social dialogue and the implementation of the Decent Work Check survey.

Most improved factory: Saedong Indonesia

All (temporary) contract workers at Saedong Indonesia will be employed on a permanent basis.

Best factories in Banten (province)

  1. KMK Global Sport
  2. Tuntex Garment Indonesia
  3. Parkland World Indonesia 1

86 factories online,
20 more to go

Current status:
  • 86 factory pages online
  • 10 factories improving working conditions
  Factories to be added:
  • 8 factories being verified
  • 12 factories in survey process
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Interviewer of the month

Faizal (top-left), working for the Garteks trade union, is one of the interviewers that visit factories to conduct the Decent Work Check survey: "We are thankful that the management of the factories we surveyed are quite open to social dialogue, based on the Gajimu survey results. With this process, we manage to create better working conditions."
Gajimu updates

Salary Check

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