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Summer Time Boston Tips
Recently adopted Gabriel can't wait for all the fun!

You probably know Bostons aren't big fans of hot weather. Here's how to beat the heat with your best friend and have fun while doing it!

Skip the Fireworks
Did you know the Fourth of July is the number one day pets go missing? It's true! Keep pets in doors that during the fireworks in a quiet, safe place. If you take your dog outside, take them on a leash, even in a fenced-in yard. 

Make a Cool Treat

We never pass up a good snack, that's for sure! Buzzfeed recently posted an article on fun treats you can make for your pet! They're people-friendly, too (but we can't promise they'll taste good!). Read it here.

Feeling adventurous? Hop over to The Chow Bowl for our favorites!

Walk Smart
Keep your Bostons cool during the hot daytime hours by opting for walking in the morning or evening instead. Be aware of hot pavement, too -- it's treacherous for pups. If it's 77 degrees outside, that makes asphalt 125 degrees or hotter! Not sure? Press the back of your hand to the pavement and hold it there for 7 seconds. If it hurts, it's too hot for your Boston's paws.

Avoid Picnic Food
While it might be tempting to give your Boston a taste, skip the human food. There are many "human" foods that are poisonous to dogs, like grapes, onions and alcohol. Even non-poisonous foods can cause stomach upset. If you want to give him a treat, hop over to The Chow Bowl (see above).

Try Something New 
Explore a park, go for a swim (with a life jacket, of course - Bostons aren't great swimmers!), taste test homemade treats or indulge in a puppy spa day! No matter what, we hope you have a safe, happy summer with your pup!
Meet Harley
Harley Axel (pictured above) is a sweet, playful 2- to 3-year-old Boston looking for his forever family. He loves to play with toys, and with his foster siblings. Harley was recently returned after being adopted, but he doesn't let anything get him down. Harley is being fostered in Georgia and you can see his profile here.
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