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Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature:
old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.
2 Corinthians 5:17


          The seasonal changes are such a good reminder of our Creator.  From winter to spring and the visible new life that starts a new cycle in a new year,  God doesn't just stop at nature, but He is busy making all things new.  What a God of wonder we serve.

A Look into our Lives

         LIFE IS SHORT

          In the grand scheme of things, life truly is short.  

          It is with great sadness that the beach house lost a treasure.  Schatzi, whose name meant treasure, passed away on Sunday, March 6, due to an internal infection.  Schatzi was a great greeter and was always happy to see us.  We enjoyed her, teams enjoyed her, and even some Haitians enjoyed her.  The beach house is not quite the same without her.  Schatzi will be greatly missed.

          Thinking about how short life truly is, are we making a difference in another’s life?  Do we bring a smile to someone’s face?  May we all make the most of it by bringing joy to another life and bring God glory with our short lives here on earth!  *:) happy

CCH Fish Project


          Fish Project

          Our fish project is now up and running again.  As you may remember we ran into some trouble with rats that thought it would be a nice home underneath the black plastic tanks.  Living there is one thing, but burrowing all the rocks away from the center of the tank caused an uneven situation that eventually ended in cracked tanks, water leaking out, and fish dying.  The last few months after the tanks were patched and concrete pads were poured to give a rat-proof stability, we have started to repopulate with new fingerlings.  

          Lordine, pictured next to Les, and is the oldest girl living at the Consolation Center of Haiti (CCH), continues to be a faithful and willing manager of the project.  She has two other helpers from CCH, Ketlove and Gina who spend quite a bit of time with her and are involved with the daily chores.  They all are learning the ups and downs of the tilapia/aquaponics project.  Things like checking water quality, water management, ration calculation, and troubleshooting when there is an unexpected problem.   The boys and girls of CCH really enjoy this project and are always willing to lend a hand with any of the necessary chores like weeding the gardens, or planting new seed.  It’s a blessing for us to have the kids involved in hands-on training.  We also are very grateful for the interest in helping sponsor the cost of the project.  From the repairs, the purchasing of fish, and the feed for the fish…thank you for all the help!

Center of Help (COH)


          Bouncing with Joy

          There has been a new addition at the Center of Help, and it has almost everyone bouncing with joy.  On the latest container that was shipped from the U.S., there were not one, but two trampolines donated by friends in the U.S.  It was decided to set one of those up at the Center of Help.  This has been a nice addition to the playground that was built earlier.  The kids spend countless of hours playing, especially after the heat of the day. 

          Most Haitian kids resort to soccer as a pastime. It doesn’t matter if they have a soccer ball, on many occasions they play with an empty plastic water or pop bottle, on a couple occasions we have seen them playing with a coconut…barefooted.  The kids find creative ways to make their own toys from pushing a bicycle rim with a stick, to pulling an empty plastic oil quart bottle that is fitted with two axles (sticks) and four tires (juice bottle caps).  The boys especially seem to be masters of making their own kites out of plastic bags, sticks, and string made from unraveling 50 lb. rice bags.  Who says you need Wal-mart!
At the present time, about 45% of the kids are sponsored at the Center of Help.  This orphanage has so much need, and the kids and staff are so appreciative of all the help that keeps coming in. 

          Please pray for the Center of Help, and ask especially for a greater measure of provision.  If you would personally like to get involved, please send us an email and we can discuss how in further detail.  Thank you! 



          To Him who makes all things new!

          This is Les sharing.  I live a paradox.  What is a paradox you ask?  Merriam-Webster says this, the definition of paradox: someone who does two things that seem to be opposite to each other or who has qualities that are opposite.  Let me explain. When people come to Haiti and see what we are doing in ministry, and then hear some personal stories of my background before I became a Christian, the comment is usually, “Les, we can’t picture you as being capable of being that type of person.  Yet when I return back to my home community, I’m sure there are fellow classmates and old friends that only remember me as the person before I was transformed by Jesus Christ, and they truly cannot believe I could ever be the person people see when they visit Haiti.  

          Obviously, this has very little to do with me, and actually there are hundreds of millions of people walking in similar shoes.  The Bible tells us we are simple lumps of clay molded and shaped into vessels by the Master's hands to be used for His service; see Isaiah 64:8, and 2 Corinthians 4:7.  The amazing thing is we have a God who makes all things new.  There is an old Steven Curtis Chapman song that was released in 2004, called All Things New that has some powerful lyrics.  It goes like this, “You make all things new, you make all things new, You redeem, you transform, you renew, you restore,…you breath your breath of life, over and over again”. You can listen to the song yourself by clicking this link, I strongly encourage you to check it out:  All Things New.

          I’m so thankful for a God that can do that number one…, and has done that to me, number two!  Oh, don’t get me wrong, I’m very aware of my questionable past where I called the shots in my life, and did a very poor job in the process, and in the midst of my failures, He had unconditional love to reach out to me and redeem, transform, renew and restore my life.  Not because of who I am, but rather because of who He is. This life I now live is an amazing example of a miraculous God who chooses to use anybody.  I’m so grateful for that!  I also know he desires to do this for everyone.  You see He is in the recycling business.

LWC Web Site Update


LWC Web Site          LWC Web Site
In many of our conversations with teams, we have concluded that many of you have been confused about LWC’s role here and how it fits with GoServe Global.  We truly apologize.

          We have tended to stay way too busy in ministry to keep up our web site, which is a vital tool of information, and we have found it difficult to update and maintain it.

          During our trip to Zachery and Olivia’s wedding, there were many hours on the road.  Catherine took the advantage of updating the top three pages:  Welcome, In The Beginning, and FAAGRIC.     
          We invite you to visit these pages and catch up:
               Welcome page at
               In The Beginning page
               FAAGRIC page  

          They all have been updated and hopefully will give you a better idea of LWC’s current ministry in Haiti and past ministry.  We do appreciate all the feed back we get from you and ask that you keep asking questions.  We don’t mind answering them.  Please let us know how else we can communicate in better ways.   

     DeRoos Drumbeat Blog     DeRoos Daily Blog

          We have also been busy with setting up our DeRoos Daily Blog, but it is still a work in progress.  It is there that we look forward to sharing close up and sometimes the intimate inside story of LWC ministry.  We will attempt to give flash updates, snap shots of cultural mindsets/situations, the lenses of spiritual musings, panoramas and movies of activities/events, and other things that may be happening on a regular basis.

          If you would like to follow our DeRoos Daily Blog, please click here: DeRoos Daily Blog.

One Starfish at a Time


          Jacqueson: (Jackson)

          This is a fun story to share!  Our One Starfish at a Time insert in the DeRoos Drumbeat began back in July of 2013.  It was actually Jacqueson that God used to prompt our hearts to start writing about the people we are involved with and desirous of helping.  We have had so many compliments over the last two to two and a half years regarding the content and concept.  We are grateful for the compliments, but more grateful to God who gets all the credit and is willing to use us to touch lives.

          Since we shared about Jacqueson, he has faithfully attended a Caribbean English school and recently received a certificate of completion.  This certificate is a valuable tool to get him employment as a translator.  It has been a joy to watch how his English has improved, and see him benefit by teams that are willing to hire a translator.  Jacqueson has become a close family friend, and has traveled with us to different church services and even helped do some translating.  Even teams who have worked with him notice the transformation that has taken place as he now displays a strong confidence and self-esteem.  Another neat aspect of Jacqueson’s English skill is that he now comes to the CCH and teaches the girls English. We praise God for the work He is doing, and we are thankful to witness this “starfish” thrive.

Seeds of Faith ~ giving a gift that grows


          The FAAGRIC work in Nigeria continues to grow.  We have given you a FAAGRIC study center breakdown:  (3) States, (8) learning centers, (157) Students.  *The stared locations are the locations we were involved with when we were there.

    *a.1.  UMUNNEOCHI LOCAL GOVERNMENT STUDY CENTRE…..........................… 25 Students
    *b.2.  NGODO ISUOCHI STUDY CENTRE…………………………...........................…. 20 Students
     c.3.  AMUDA STUDY CENTRE…………………………………............................….….. 12 Students 
*d.4.  MBALA STUDY CENTRE……………………...........................…………..……..… 18 Students 
*e.5.  UMUAKU STUDY CENTRE…………………............................…………..……..… 23 Students 
           OWERREZUKALA STUDY CENTRE………………............................………….….
30 Students 
b.2  UMUNZE STUDY CENTRE…………………………….............................……….… 14 Students 
           UGWUEME (HILL DWELLERS)……………………………….............................…..
35 Students 

          Rev. Armstrong, our Egbo Director, and Sunday, our Farm Manager at Ngodo Isuochi study center are working to actualize many more centre’s.

          We have been asked to visit them again on several occasions, and we would like to visit them.  It has been almost four years since we have been there.  The difficulty is to leave the many projects happening in Haiti, which are still requiring much of our presence.  We need the following things to happen.  Peace in traveling there, peace in leaving Haiti for the time it would take, and greater financial backing.  Traveling to Nigeria is a long trip and more costly.  It would take one month for proper paper work to be obtain, and a reasonable length of time (a month stay) for the cost of travel to be justified.  We know the Lord will provide in all these areas if it is His will for us.  Thank you for praying with us! 

          We just sent one box of seed that will help supply the FAAGRIC centers with learning seed tools.  We will continue to collect the seeds until the season is finished.  On behalf of our FAAGRIC centers in Nigeria, we thank you for the seeds that have been given to date.

Zachery & Olivia's Update


          We've had quite a whirlwind over the past few weeks, with several teams coming and going and some great (much needed) fellowship! We've also recently shared about our ministry opportunity with Kiki from the Center of Help (COH) and how he had finished his first project. Since then Kiki has come to the Center, diligently, almost every day to work with Zachery on random projects and everyday maintenance. They are in the middle of a second project that Kiki wanted to make for Madam Farril (the Director of the COH) that will be a place for her to keep personal items. Kiki has been given the option to keep or sell the things he makes and so far he has chosen to make things to bless the COH. Aside from the skills he is learning, Kiki enjoys his time with Zachery and their newly found friendship and even asked Zachery if he would preach at his church in a few weeks. 

          Over the weeks of getting to know Kiki, we've commented on his demeanor and attitude. He's very grateful to learn, and has a servants heart to serve others. We are grateful for Kiki and the blessing that he is to us and the COH. Please continue to pray for him. 
          A little update on where we'll be in a few weeks...we will be returning to the States the 27th of April to spend two weeks in Maryland and then fly to Iowa for the duration of our stay in the US until the baby is born. We would love to connect with you while we are home or speak at your church, so please let us know if you are interested! One of the more exciting aspects about returning home after serving in Haiti is connecting with some of the team members/churches that have come on trips.

          As always, we encourage you to stay in touch on our blog to receive updates and photos, please be sure to follow!

Nutritional Nuggets – Natures Pharmacy ABC’s of Vitamins and Minerals


  CHOCOLATE (Cacao “kuh-KOW”)

     Chocolate is made from cacao beans, which are grown in tropical regions in west Africa, Central and South America, and in parts of southeast Asia.

     Chocolate is possibly the worlds most popular food, has been the number one food across the ages dating back 3500 - 4000 years ago.  Perhaps because chocolate is the love, feel good food worldwide.  But not every chocolate bar will pass the test.  This information doesn't mean that you should eat a pound of chocolate a day.

     Willy Wanka’s “golden ticket” of prosperity was not the first “golden ticket”.  People groups have used chocolate as “gold” for trading.  Does money grow on trees?  They would probably say, “Yes”.  Chocolate is possibly the number one cash crop in the world today.   

     Let’s take a look why this bean is so prized.

Tooth Health ~ Imagine using Chocolate to remineralize tooth enamel while discouraging cavities. Sound too good to be true? A researcher at Tulane University has come close with a non-toxic Chocolate extract that outperforms fluoride. Learn more at Natural News.  
Chocolate toothpaste, here we come.  *:D big grin
Lower Stress Levels ~ Chocolate nourishes the brain with the endorphin anandamide and helps keep natural endorphins in your blood longer
Cough Cure ~ Dark Chocolate acts as a natural cough suppressant according to some sources. Theobromine minimizes activity in the vagus nerve that is responsible for persistent coughs. For the same reason, chocolate has been shown to be three times more effective than asthma medications.

Intelligence Boost ~ Dark Chocolate helps increase blood flow into and out of the brain and reduce stress. This makes a person better able to focus, problem solve, and stay on task. Feeling bogged down? Have some dark Chocolate and balance certain hormones in the body.
Mood Lift and Stress Reduction ~ Chocolate contains more magnesium than any other food.  In Chocolate are all natural mood lifters because they reduce the stress response. There are even Chocolates designed to help control stress.  Serotonin acts as an anti-depressant. Bliss and love chemicals (Thenefolamines) are found in Chocolate.   
Increases Blood Flow ~ Cacao is good for the heart because of its natural blood thinning and anti-blood clotting properties. It helps a person’s blood move throughout the body easier and also contributes to building healthy blood.  Chocolate is the highest source of Manganese, Iron, Chromium…for blood building, stable blood sugar.  
Nervous System ~ Rich in Phospherous (for bone), Zinc, and Copper all for nervous system, 
Heart Health ~ Dark Chocolate is good for your heart.  A small bar of it everyday can help keep your heart
and cardiovascular system running well.
Live Longer ~ Chocolate is the greatest longevity food known due to it being the highest antioxidant food in the world.  Chocolate and longevity.

Rejoice Chocolate lovers, you can have that extra piece – BUT make sure it’s of the dark kind.

Chocolate Tip 1 - Balance the Calories:
Chocolate is still a high-calorie, high-fat food. If you eat half a bar of chocolate a day, you must balance those 200 calories by eating less of something else. Cut out other sweets or snacks and replace them with Chocolate to keep your total calories the same.  

Chocolate Tip 2 - Go for Dark Chocolate:
Dark chocolate has far more antioxidants than milk or white chocolate
Chocolate Tip 4 - Skip the Nougat:

Avoid anything with caramel, nougat or other fillings. These fillings are just adding sugar and fat which erase many of the benefits you get from eating the Chocolate.
Chocolate Tip 5 - Avoid Milk:
It may taste good but some research 
shows that washing your Chocolate down with a glass of milk could prevent the antioxidants from being absorbed or used by your body.

Nutella Recipes:
          3 Recipes with only 3 ingredients each at Fablunch
Let me know which version of Nutella you end up trying and which is your favorite!
“Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.” Hippocrates
Promoting a lifestyle of preventative care!
WELLNESS PRINCIPAL:  Health comes from within.  You cannot buy it in a bottle.
          Please visit Catherine’s Pinterest boards by clicking this link:  Catherine's Place.   There, you will find a variety of healthy sources, natural solutions, recipes, God's Creation, and SO MUCH MORE.  Grab yourself a healthy snackmake yourself comfortable, and take your time to browse the wealth of information and be not only inspired but uplifted.

Prayer & Praise 


Gratefulness for our Lords mercy and grace and for changing lives.

Pray for LWC 2016 ministry expectation as we continue to grow.  May we honor the Lord and bring Him glory through everything we do.  May we be sensitive to the Holy Spirit, hearing His voice clearly in every step that is made.

Please pray for the Center of Help, and ask especially for a greater measure of provision.
Praying for the Lord's guidance regarding a trip to Nigeria and when.

Thank you for your prayers!

Passionately serving the One who makes all things new, 

Les & Catherine, Zachery & Olivia


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