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 O give thanks unto the LORD; for he is good: for his mercy endureth for ever. O give thanks unto the God of gods: for his mercy endureth for ever. O give thanks to the Lord of lords: for his mercy endureth for ever. To him who alone doeth great wonders: for his mercy endureth for ever.
Psalms 136:1-4



          2 Chronicles 16:9 reads,"For the eyes of the LORD run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to shew himself strong in the behalf of them whose heart is perfect toward him..." This month we have seen a number of examples of the hand of God working on our behalf.  We are so grateful for a living God who desires to make His presence known in the lives of His children.

A Look into our Lives

          No, the rainfall charted in May is not a typo:
             We don't know?  It may be that we are finally getting the rains that have avoided us over the last few years?  May was a great month for rainfall, and the Haitians are telling us it's more typical of what they expect from the month of May. 
             Our brief rainfall history since we've lived in Haiti is also confirming this fact.  In 2012 ~ 8.35", 2013 ~ 8", 2014 ~ 5.5", 2015 ~ 5.1", and 2016 ~ 18.05".  This past month of May represents the largest monthly rainfall total, with the exception of Hurricane Sandy, since we have been keeping track as far back as 2012.  Crops harvested did well, and crops in the field are looking very good.  The average daily high temperatures are also increasing in a noticeable way.  Looks like summer is fast approaching. Thank you so much for your prayers as we have been concerned with the drought in Haiti, and the difficulty this has caused for the farmers and the people of Haiti as they deal with the rising cost of living.  

             Hopefully this is more than a one-time event, but rather a trend to get back to a more normal weather pattern.  Please keep praying!

          Windshield Time: 

             When we ask visiting team members, "What are some of the things about Haiti you didn't really anticipate?"  One of the answers is usually, "The Roads!"  It's really hard to imagine, but once you've been here, a person has such a greater appreciation for our roads in the U.S., even the gravel roads.

          In Haiti we don't really measure the distance from point A to point B in miles, but rather it is in minutes.  It's very common when traveling on the unpaved roads to not go over 5 - 10 miles an hour.  The other day Les was driving and was thinking about the road issue.  He realized that in his own way he was commuting to work.  The three miles distance will take over 25 minutes from the house to the Consolation Center.  A round trip can take up to 50 minutes, and it's typical to make that trip twice a day and sometimes more.  Who would have guessed that in a rural area, with no interstates or large cities, a person can spend so much of their day getting "windshield time"?  

          Note:  The picture doesn't truly do justice to the condition of the road. Come and visit for the full effect.

CCH Activities


        B.R.I.G.H.T. Lights 

is an acronym for Being Radiant In Godliness Holiness & Testimony.

         A long time prayer of mine, has been to do a "digging deeper" Bible study with the older girls.  There is a  B.R.I.G.H.T. Light's study geared towards youth that encourages character building and standing strong in your Christian faith.  What has held me back till now is the language barrier.

          Building relationships through a variety of means has been my focus; and over time, that language barrier has been slowly disappearing to the point that I felt confident enough to walk through that opening barrier.  I am not fluent by any means, and I even had great reservations in the beginning to walk down this path wondering what I may be getting myself into. Now, here we are three weeks later, the  B.R.I.G.H.T. Light's group has begun. Starting with a selective few, this B.R.I.G.H.T. Light's group is growing little by little with those who are interested in attending this serious Bible study on spiritual growth. This bible study was announced as a serious study and attendance was on a volunteer basis only.  The first week six girls came.  The second week three more girls came.  This last week three more girls came.  It really has been fascinating to watch who has shown up. We even had a few of the younger girls come to just listen and have something to do, which I am all for.  They just need to sit quietly. Praise the Lord the Word of God has a way of touching hearts through the Holy Spirit in special and unique ways.  

          Our time together is Bible reading, lots of writing the scripture, a testimonial time of sharing from other youth, some discussion, praying, visual aids when necessary to help associate biblical concepts, and of course singing songs (a favorite part of their culture).

          Please pray for this time of sweet fellowship.  May the Lord use it to cause greater growth in the Lord and for those in attendance to be brighter lights in their culture.



          Religion or Relationship          

             First, take a look at the picture.  What do you think it is saying?  It's most likely not what you think, unless you know the French language.
             We often get asked, "How strong of a faith, generally speaking, do the people of Haiti have?" The reason this question is asked is because the names of God and Jesus seem very popular and are used in a variety of places.  From art work of Bible stories, and scripture verses painted on all sides of the vehicles that transport goods and people, to business's names painted on the front and sides of buildings (Like the picture above)...Haiti seems very faith oriented.  However, looks can be deceiving. 

             As an example, look again at the sign.  It is saying "Thank you Jesus", and then goes on to list a number of alcoholic beverages that this business advertises to sell.  This really seems to be an oxymoron.  How can someone thank Jesus for an item that potentially causes so much sin and destruction?  It would be comparable to naming a casino after God's provision, or associating a local bar with God's goodness.  The country of Haiti is filled with examples like this.  Lying and stealing are a major pastime during the week, and then attending "church" on Sunday.

             The truth is that Haiti is very religious.  They have a huge need for God's provision and protection, but the desire to have a personal relationship with God is a whole different story.  While there are strong evangelical Christians in Haiti, the majority of the population is very religious, but doesn't really even know God.  So the answer to the question is, generally speaking, very weak on faith...very strong on religion.  What is needed from God is His mercy.  That's why this sign is so telling to us.  They thank God in French (Merci), but the French word is closely spelled like and sounds like the English word for Mercy.  Truly a picture can say a thousand words!

             We are not intending for this to bash alcohol.  There are a wide range of beliefs on the use and role of alcohol in a Christian's life.  This is really much bigger than that; and it is also much bigger than Haiti.  The question that this sign causes us to ask ourselves is, what things do we thank God for that really are in need of His mercy?  Do we thank Him for our family or spouse, but have them placed in a wrong priority?  Do we thank God for His abundant provision, but then spend the resources He has given us in a way that makes us bad stewards?  Do you thank God for technology and social media, but let it eat up our time, and take us to places that should be avoided?  Do we thank Him for health and home, but overlook those who are sick and homeless?  Do we live the dream, and stand and watch while those around us are living a nightmare?  Do we thank Him for the great gift of grace and salvation, but fail to proclaim that treasure to those who desperately need it in our circle of influence.

             The sign challenges all of us to evaluate if the way we live looks more like a religious experience or a relationship with the Creator of the universe?

One Starfish at a Time



          When the Consolation Center of Haiti (CCH) added a boys orphanage called the Joshua House, it wasn't very long into it's existence before Schneider joined us.  Schneider represents a new dynamic at CCH. 

          He is able to understand and speak English very well.  The ability for him to communicate to visiting teams members has created new opportunities, as well as, challenges. He understands most of what is being talked about by unsuspecting team members, and he is able to comprehend the content of the discussion.  With that being said, there have been occasions when detailed questions are asked, and the answer defaulted to "Yes" due to not completely understanding the question in English.  This has caused a lot of confusion as sometimes the language and culture barriers between Haitians and Americans smack into each other.

          Schneider is also very smart for his 15 years of age.  He will give Les a letter for someone, usually an American, and then follow up to make sure it gets to the person he intended to receive the letter.  This is a whole new level of accountability for us, and one we don't take lightly.  

          Schneider has a younger sister, Emmanuella that lives at CCH, and the two of them have five other siblings.  Their family were victims of the earthquake in job...and nine mouths to feed.  Their parents were preparing to sell them into a restavek situation. There last hope was to see if CCH could help with the situation. By helping with two of the children it has reduced the load and allowed the rest of the family to cope. We are excited to see how Schneider's future unfolds, and watch what God has in store for him.  

Nigeria Update

          We are so blessed to see and hear of lives being changed by the material God used us to share in Nigeria so many years ago.  The fact that we continue to get these testimonies, and hear the positive reports are an encouragement to us, and a testimony of the faithfulness of the Nigerian nationals who diligently work to teach and share.  May people continue to be drawn towards our mighty redeemer as the FAAGRIC program grows and impacts lives.  Below is the latest email we received concerning FAAGRIC: 

          Wonderful Testimony  

          I thank God for his goodness and Mercy upon my life and for bringing me and my entire family into the FAAGRIC RESEARCH.

          It all started in November 2014, when I crossed the teaching being organized by the faagric research here in Umunneochi Local Government Headquarters, OUR STEPS UP TO BETTER HEALTH. After listening to this teaching, indirectly and uninvited, I was like liberated and called back to senses, from this point, I began to implement all their teaching and fully engaged in their weekly lessons. But before then, I was having stomach problem which I always go with drugs to see if I can get better in a day. I was always having itching in my eyes, constant headache and many more.

           But by following a more healthful diet that involves whole foods (Raw foods) my health and the entire body system was completely changed from this point. In not more than three months of practicing these steps, I was unable to neither complain for the stomach problem anymore nor spend money again for drugs. All the health challenges I used to have before was no more. My stomach that was getting swelled-up everyday was automatically stopped.

            In fact, I am short of space to say it all, I’m so excited to be a student of this wonderful school. My regards to my lecturer Mr. Sunday Okorie who keeps letting the light shining. May God richly bless him for all his efforts.

            I also want to use this opportunity to express my appreciation and to say a very big thank you to Les and Catherine Deroes who are the brains for adding such value to we Nigerians, may God grant them all their hearth desires in Jesus name, Amen!

Onyekachi Solomon
                A recent development has taken place with Nigerian nationals using Facebook to promote the Laborers With Christ work in Nigeria.  We'll share more in the coming months.  It truly is exciting times!!

Zachery & Olivia's Update

          Preparing & Reconnecting  
         Time is ticking away until the arrival of our baby and with anticipation and excitement we await the birth! We still have many preparations underway, but still have a few weeks before "D" day. 
          Currently, while we are in the U.S., Zachery is working construction in the Cherokee, Iowa area and staying *very* busy. It's truly a blessing to have constant and consistent work while home on leave. Meanwhile, Olivia is keeping herself busy with preparations for baby and reconnecting with family in the area. 
          We have a few Sunday's available to speak or visit and would be blessed to fellowship with any teams and/or churches in the area to give updates on Haiti. Since being back we've been able to reconnect with several people who have come to Haiti and it's been a joy to be able to share updates and stories. Please contact us if you are interested!
          As always, we encourage you to stay in touch on our blog to receive updates and photos, please be sure to follow!

LWC DeRoos Daily Blog


         DeRoos Drumbeat BlogDid you miss it?

 Read about "We aren't in Kansas anymore Toto"  or more about the Oral Care Camps.
Please do follow us or check in now and then, if you would like to know more than what we can share in our DeRoos Drumbeats.

Nutritional Nuggets – Natures Pharmacy ABC’s of Vitamins and Minerals




1. Protects Eye Vision - Beta-carotene, a red-orange pigment, is responsible for eye health and peaches contain a good amount of this antioxidant, along with vitamins A and C. Regular consumption of peaches can improve your vision health by increasing blood circulation throughout your body.  The beta-carotene also nourishes and protects the retinas in your eyes from free radical damage, as well as helping to prevent cataracts and age-related macular degeneration. Lutein, a yellow pigment, functions as a light filter, protecting the eyes macula and retina from sunlight damage.

2. Prevents Cancer - Peaches, high in selenium, have a positive effect in preventing cancer and are rich with antioxidants that help prevent cancerous cell growth. Peaches are known particularly for effectively protecting the body against lung, colon and oral cancers. Also, the phenolic acids in peaches, appear to stop breast cancer cell lines from growing without damaging normal cells.  The actual pit, 10 grams, from a peach is safe to eat and also cancer fighting.  

3. Maintains Body Weight - Peaches are fat-free and contain an average of only 68 calories. The high amount of sugar in peaches is natural and therefore does not have an adverse effect on health. A peach is a great snack food for losing weight.  It can give you the feeling of being full, so you will eat less. Peaches are packed with fiber which controls the sugars from assimilating into the blood stream quickly. 

4. Promotes Skin Health - Peaches are a great source of vitamins A and C, which are highly essential for skin health. Vitamin A provides moisture to the skin, which improves the skin’s texture. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that protects the skin from free radical damage. Just one large peach a day can keep your skin glowing and flawless. Peaches are great moisturizers and are often used in cosmetics.  It also helps in regenerating skin tissue. You can also rub peaches directly on your skin to help get rid of dark circles, encourage hair growth on scalp and wrinkles

5. Controls High Cholesterol - Eating peaches on regular basis may help control high cholesterol and problems that lead to diabetes and heart disease. This is mainly because peaches contain phenolic compounds that prevent the oxidization of low-density lipoprotein, or LDL, cholesterol. Foods rich in beta-carotene like peaches are good for lowering the cholesterol level in the blood stream.

6. Improves Cardiovascular Health - The antioxidants in peaches benefit your heart by destroying free radicals that start that damage or kill cells. Peaches also fight a combination of risk factors that causes inflammation, obesity and heart problems.  Peaches promote cardiovascular health by reducing cholesterol levels and increasing blood flow to the heart. Regular consumption of peaches will help protect you from heart attacks and strokes.

7. Stress Reliever - Peaches are often referred to as the ‘Fruit of Calmness’ in Hungary.  Peaches can calm a sour stomach and even some studies have shown that just the aroma of a peach has a soothing affect on people!

8.  Anemia – increasing your dietary intake of iron helps with the production of hemoglobin, minimizing and preventing anemia.  Vitamin C in peaches helps your body absorb the Iron.

9.  Protect Against Toxins - Peaches are a great way to cleanse out toxins from your colon, kidneys, stomach and liver. The high fiber content pushes out any toxic excess waste matter from your colon, and helps protect against colon cancer. Peaches are also rich in potassium which reduces kidney related diseases and reduces your chance of developing ulcers.  Peaches are known to be helpful in removing worms from the intestines.

10.  Those suffering from gout and rheumatism are recommended by dieticians to eat peaches because peaches tend to have a diuretic and a light laxative effect 
that helps reduce inflammation, one of the major symptoms of gout and rheumatism..  The high vitamin A in peaches helps treat rheumatism. Peaches have excellent anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and antioxidant properties.

WARNING:  Peaches are on the list of the dirty dozen, which are contaminated with pesticides that cause neurological and gastrointestinal problems.  These pesticides are also linked to the problems in the endocrine producer of the body's hormones.  So to prevent the risk of consuming pesticides, it is best to buy this fruit organic. If buying organic is not an option, try soaking in ratio of water:vinegar (3:1), rinse under flowing water and let dry on a towel.  
“Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.” Hippocrates
Promoting a lifestyle of preventative care!
WELLNESS PRINCIPAL:  Health comes from within.  You cannot buy it in a bottle.
          Please visit Catherine’s Pinterest boards by clicking this link:  Catherine's Place.   There, you will find a variety of healthy sources, natural solutions, recipes, God's Creation, and SO MUCH MORE.  Grab yourself a healthy snackmake yourself comfortable, and take time to browse the wealth of information and be not only inspired but uplifted.

Prayer & Praise 


Continue to pray for Catherine's computer situation as we wait on the news of retrieving the data and getting the machine repaired.  

Praise the Lord for Zachery and Olivia's time in the U.S., and good reports of the baby and mother's health, work for Zachery, and a place to call home.  We are so thankful for God's favor and blessings that He is showering upon them.

Praise the Lord for the abundant rains in Haiti!  
Praying for the Lord's guidance regarding a trip to Nigeria and when.
Please pray for the spiritual health of the country of Haiti.  Pray that the religiosity in Haiti is replaced with a desire to have a relationship with Jesus Christ.

We are so grateful for His favor shown to us through you!!

In a relationship with Jesus Christ, 

Les & Catherine, Zachery & Olivia


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