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"How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him that bringeth good tidings,
that publisheth peace; that bringeth good tidings of good,
that publisheth salvation; that saith unto Zion, Thy God reigneth!" 
Isaiah 52:7


          The longer we serve in Haiti, the more we realize we miss the seasonal changes.  While most of your weather has started to change and turn cooler; some of you have even seen your first snow, our weather remains warm and sunny.  I know we sound a bit off kilter, but we do look forward to a trip back in December…


A Look into our Lives


          How do we spell relief?  R-e-s-u-r-f-a-c-e-d, yes that’s right, resurfaced.  For the first time since we have lived here, the road to the Consolation Center of Haiti (CCH), has been completely resurfaced.  It’s a smooth black-topped road with no speed bumps, so far…  It makes such a huge difference for our drive time.  We would usually expect that three mile stretch of road from our home to CCH to be around a 20-25 minutes.  Now it can be done in less than 10 minutes, with most of the travel time being due to the road that comes from our home to the main road, and that likely will never get upgraded.  We are so thankful for the long-awaited changes!!  


          A big celebration is happening in November.  The (CCH) will recognize it’s 10-year anniversary.  It’s hard for us to realize that we have been involved in Haiti for over the last eight years.  Our first trip to Haiti was September of 2010.  My, how things have grown and changed over the years!

          There is a desire to make this especially memorable for all the girls and boys who live at CCH.  Eddy has shared a request of specific projects to complete in advance of the celebration with related costs, and items to purchase for the boys and girls.  If you would like to help provide for these, and would like more specific information, please just reply to this email.

Consolation Center of Haiti (CCH) Update

            How well do you know the Shepherd's Voice?

             Did you know sheep have to stand to eat but lay down to digest their food?  This is one of the things we are learning in the current Bible study for the girls, ages 5 - 15.

            We are studying, and memorizing Psalm 23.  This psalm is generally spoken at funerals and many people have this memorized.  Catherine is covering phrase by phrase of this Psalm in Monday night Bible study.  You can read more about this on LWC blog soon.  This past week Catherine displayed interesting information about David’s green pastures and the importance of the shepherd finding "still waters" and how all this relates to us being referred to as the sheep of His pastures.

            Here is a GREAT visual through a short clip of sheep hearing and knowing the shepherds voice.  Click, watch, and be amazed!  Let it touch your heart to know the great shepherd, Jesus Christ more.  He desires an intimate relationship with you to the point that you can distinguish His voice through all the other noise or distraction that may be in your life. 

Center of Help (COH) Update

            Duplicating ourselves:

             This past month we started a new Bible study at the Center of Help (COH).  For several years, we have had a desire to have a greater presence spiritually at this orphanage.  On occasion we have preached during a Sunday service or shared a movie, but it’s been an ongoing challenge, primarily due to the distance and road conditions.  As we mentioned earlier, the main road to CCH has been completely blacked-topped. The COH orphanage is another 20 minutes past CCH, and most of their road is also getting resurfaced.  This has made what was a 45-minute trip into a 15-minute trip. 

            The fun aspect of this Bible study is that we are having a Haitian lead and organize the weekly event.  Jackson has been helping us for over three years with translation assistance.  Recently, a good friend of Laborers With Christ in the U.S. reached out to us and wanted to help Jackson with a monthly sponsorship, but in a capacity of steering him towards ministry.  This was a great fit to start a new work and utilize the services of a godly young man to share the gospel to his own people.  We really see this as a win-win situation…empowering Haitians, and advancing the Kingdom of God!! 

Nigeria Update

           When ministry can brighten your day.  

            So often those in ministry do not see the results of their labor until years later.  We cannot say that for our work in Nigeria.  As we served in Nigeria, we were constantly reaffirmed, blessed, and received with open arms.  During our presence, we saw growth and excitement for the things the Lord had given to us to share with our Nigeria friends.  However, since our departure, the FAAGRIC (Faith Agriculture) program not only continues to thrive but is overflowing with goodness.  We believe it is because our Nigerian friends have embraced the concepts and created their own cultural relevance to Laborers With Christ's FAAGRIC program.  In their hands, and by the grace of God, it has prospered above and beyond our expectations.

            Here is a slightly edited email that we recently received from our FAAGRIC Farm manager, Sunday Okorie.  During our time in Nigeria, he was our 5 star student and excelled in all the areas being taught.

The market square of FAAGRIC products:

            We are creating awareness of FAAGRIC products both individual and marketable in Nigeria. And also we informed the people about the nutritional benefits of the products.

            Many people are asking where the location is in order to buy it and we told them it is along the express road to Orie market behind the motor park.

            The demand rises and supply less because of the nutritional benefits.

            We sell FAAGRIC products like Turnips, Kale, Blue Lake Lettuce, Winged Bean,  Radish, Dye, Katuk. etc.

            Glory be to God, things we once thought were not possible are today a reality in Nigeria.


         How do I know if God is calling me to be a missionary?
            We get asked this question quite a bit and thought we would share our own thoughts on the subject.  First, let us start with a definition to help sort things out.  The definition of missionary according to Webster is: a person undertaking a mission and especially a religious mission.  So, technically anyone who is sharing their faith is to some degree a missionary.  Let me ask you a couple questions.  According to scripture, are we supposed to share our faith with others? Do we need to travel afar to share our faith? Those are two important questions to help understand what God is calling us to do.  The answer to the first question is obviously, YES.  We are to shine our lights to all around us, and proclaim the loving message of repentance, forgiveness, and grace.  To keep quiet as a Christian is really telling Christ that what He did for us is not important enough to share with others.  So, the adage of “never discussing politics and religion” is really just a reflection of a person who sees his religion as inconsequential. 

            The answer to the second question is, of course, NO!  Most people associate being a missionary with “going”, but it’s actually more doing than going.  Two versus that come to mind are Acts 1:8  “But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judaea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth.”  Matthew 28: 19-20, “Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost:  Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you alway(s), even unto the end of the world. Amen.”   These passages are really important to understand what God is commanding, therefore calling, us to do.  While there is a sense of going, the going doesn’t have to be far.  However, the reason is to witness of Christ and teach them to observe the things He has commanded.  We often have people tell us that they are hesitant to answer a missionary calling, because they don’t want God to send them to a far-off place.  The fact of the matter is that each one of us already have a missionary calling…do you get that?  Over an ocean or over the fence in your backyard, you are still a missionary.   

            For the person who is sensing a big trip in their missionary service…go for it!  One of the most amazing promises regarding your going is the promise Christ gives in the later half of Matthew 28:20 “…and, lo, I am with you always(s), even unto the end of the world. Amen.”  It’s so encouraging for us to know that Christ is with us each day in Haiti.  Praise be to God for the privilege to serve and be His ambassadors!
So, if you are asking yourself if God is calling you to be a missionary? The answer is yes, now we encourage you to start sharing and pursuing open doors to make His name known. If you have further questions or would like specific prayer support, please contact us.  

One Starfish At A Time


           Guerline is a spunky and energetic 12-year-old.  She is your typical happy pre-teenager that loves to joke, laugh, and has a contagious smile. She, along with her younger sister, Cassial, are two of the newer additions to CCH.   What is hard for us to comprehend, is despite going through a tragic restavek situation, Guerline and her sister display an amazing countenance of happiness and contentment.  It’s a testimony of how God uses CCH to provide an environment that is filled with provision, peace, and security.  All of which were likely not present in their prior place of residence.

            We were recently reading the book Miracle on Voodoo Mountain, authored by Megan Boudreaux.  This book does such a great job of opening one’s eyes to the restavek situation in Haiti.  Some of the information shared in the book found through a variety of resources states that, “The majority of these restaveks are girls between the age of four and fifteen, and they are responsible for all the cooking, cleaning, laundry, and fetching of water for their households.  Additionally, restaveks often suffer severe abuse and are very rarely rerolled in school.”   One other startling statistic mentioned was, “I couldn’t find any firm statistics, but organizations that had studied the situation estimated that 300,000 – 500,000 children in Haiti are restaveks”.  This information is truly shocking! Please pray for Haiti and the country’s failure of caring for their own children.  Also continue to pray for Guerline as she learns to trust in a Heavenly Father that has only her best interests in mind.  Thanks!! 

Guerline is currently one of the Eager Learners to crochet.  Watch Guerline in action among her peers here, and read about the Eager Learners in LWC blog.

Nutritional Nuggets ~ Natures Pharmacy

ABC's of Vitamins and Minerals


Coloring Food Beautiful Naturally
Appealing Danger
(click above title to read more)

     Red happens to be the most used color out of all the colors in the food industry.

... Can food dye cause hyperactivity?
... If most of the color in Betty Crocker’s Super
    Moist Carrot Cake Mix is not carrot powder what is it?
... Natural Red Coloring Ideas
... Red Velvet Cupcake Recipe with a surprise - Do you like Red Velvet foods?  
    Try out this recipe and share with me what you think.  

     We all eat with our eyes and the FDA and the food manufacturers know this.  If you are interested in how to liven up foods for celebrations in your life naturally, I hope you will join me as we take a look at the FDA’s approved food color list, the problems associated with it, and explore natural possibilities.   

By visiting my Color Me Beautiful  series where I share about the natural chemistry of the colors in food, you will understand the connection of why colors in foods are important and how they can offer our bodies health and how they can bring vitality into our lives.

Let’s choose to celebrate LIFE together the right way,
in a positive way and make it the best LIFE ever!

Please click here to read more about the steps that you can do to begin your best life now on Catherine’s Genesis Health blog.  

Revisit past Nutrition Nuggets about Natures Pharmacy regarding the benefits of individual fruits and vegetables.  If you are interested in learning more about improving your health, please visit and follow Genesis Health today.


“Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.” Hippocrates
Promoting a lifestyle of preventative care!

WELLNESS PRINCIPAL:  Health comes from within.  You cannot buy it in a bottle.
          Please visit 
Catherine’s Pinterest boards by clicking this link:  Catherine's Place.   You will find a variety of healthy sources, natural solutions, recipes, God's Creation, and SO MUCH MORE.  Grab yourself a healthy snackmake yourself comfortable, and take time to browse the wealth of information and be not only inspired but uplifted.

Prayer & Praise 


Pray for the 10 year anniversary celebration at CCH.

Praise the Lord for the road improvements in Haiti!
Please pray for spiritual hunger in our regular weekly ministry opportunities.
Praise the Lord for His provision to launch a new Haitian lead Bible study at the Center of Help.
Pray for Haiti's restavek population and the for the citizens of Haiti to recognize the evil in this culturally acceptable practice. 

We could not do what we do without you!
Thank you!!

Serving with "beautiful feet",

Les & Catherine

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