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Q1 2022

A Word From Our Programme Director

Andrew Karas
I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself and express how excited I am to be working with IS-BAO operators, auditors, progamme support affiliates and the IBAC community as the new IS-BAO Programme Director. After joining IBAC in October, I reached out to many of you to discuss how the IS-BAO team can assist your operation meet its commitment to safety excellence and appreciated all your feedback.  Thank you for the warm welcome and I look forward to working with such an amazing group of business aviation professionals. 
As the industry emerges from the disruptions of the COVID pandemic we are seeing increased regional and international travel and industry growth overall.  Last year, we extended the policy for the remote audit option through June 2022 and will reevaluate the future need for this as travel restrictions continue to fade. Throughout 2021 the IS-BAO team worked hard gathering operator inputs and published the new 20th Edition Standard in early January. Also in 2021, we launched a new beta test of our Remotely Piloted Aircraft System audit protocols and recently introduced the first RPAS IS-BAO registered operator, Phoenix Air Unmanned.

This new year is off to a great start and as we emerge from the pandemic, I wanted to share with everyone a brief look back at how IS-BAO has grown over the years and has developed into a globally recognized programme.

Twenty years ago, IS-BAO was launched by the International Business Aviation Council to establish a framework of safety and operational best practices for the business aviation industry.  This program was designed to be a coordinated voice for the industry, by the industry.  Since its inception, the programme has facilitated the implementation of its voluntary safety standard in over 1,500 flight departments around the world.  This business approach to managing safety continues to provide a scalable, performance-based solution to all types and sizes of flight departments.  Furthermore, since IBAC is based in Montreal, Canada at the Headquarters of the International Civil Aviation Organization, registered operators over the last two decades have advocated for the global business aviation community by participating in working groups, technical and flight operations committees.  As a result, IS-BAO has become globally recognized as a benchmark for safety, regulatory compliance, performance monitoring and efficiency.  This global recognition has allowed IS-BAO to work with National Aviation Authorities on regulatory Safety Management System (SMS) compliance for operators, Third Country Operator Authorizations, EU Ramp Inspection performance and other regulatory initiatives. 

Thank you all again for the warm welcome to the programme and I look forward to meeting everyone soon.  Please do not hesitate to reach out to me to discuss your programme or how IS-BAO can assist you in any way.  

Best regards,

Andrew Karas, IS-BAO Programme Director

New Audit Management System Interface in the Portal

Daniel Devraignes, IBAC Audit Manager
IBAC has just released the new interface for the IS-BAO Audit Management System. Operators and auditors will both see a new Audits menu item in their portal, after login in the IBAC website. Through that page in the portal, auditors and operators are now able to follow-up at the processing of the IS-BAO registration audits, from the Planned Audit Notification throughout acceptance and issue of the new registration. The new system was developed to be more user-friendly and secure, and fully aligns with the processing procedures for the FS1 and PS3 programs.

A few highlights of the new system:
  • Auditors are now able to view and edit, as needed, existing planned audit notifications, and to view whether IBAC has received the operator’s acknowledgement of the audit;
  • Operators can now acknowledge the audit via a simple click to a link in the portal itself, with no need of a specific access key;
  • Auditors can submit the report and provide any responses to audit review feedback, as well as their validation of RAP implementation by the operator, through the portal;
  • Operators and auditors are now able to directly access and download the accepted report for their past audits which took place since the AMS was put in place, in early 2019.
The new interface was released in mid-February, with the previous interface having also remained active for a few weeks but now being deactivated. We encourage all our users to check on the new interface if you have not done so already and please let us know at of any issues you experience or any suggestions for improvement.

Skewed Safety Information During Covid Pandemic

Yvonne Marinus, Accreditation Manager
One interesting side effect of the covid pandemic that we have been seeing in our audit reports is the potential skewing of an operator’s safety data as a result of significant changes in the tempo of flight activity during the pandemic.  Many flight operators have reduced flights, some have ceased operations entirely while others have increased operations markedly. 

As a result, operators that are measuring their SPIs on a calendar unit of measurement will, in many cases, have skewed safety data when they compare occurrences from 2019 to 2020 and 2021. For instance, let’s say an operator was measuring unstabilized approaches with a target of no more than 2 per month. Covid flight tempo changes could make it appear that the operator is improving their performance when in fact they are not. READ MORE

Other News

IBAC attended Heli-Expo last week and thanks HAI for our space in the Safety Zone. It was great connecting with our IS-BAO helicopter operators and auditors!
Women in Corporate Aviation IS-BAO and IS-BAH Scholarships – Taking applicants

Meet Andrew Karas at NBAA’s IOC 14-16 March, Los Angeles
Last month we introduced Phoenix Air Unmanned as the first IS-BAO RPAS registered operator and we recently created a case study about that process. READ MORE
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