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Now you can get the perfect address – a URL that has meaning and marketing value.
BMW uses new domain names
New gTLDs still know difficulties to install. Trademarks such as BMW start to show the way.

Two new Sunrise Periods announced by the Trademark Clearinghouse:
  1. .GROUP
  2. .SALON
To participate, contact the Nameshield Group.

5 Premium domain names are for Sale in an auction:

4 artists who have developed .HipHop domains
There are many artists who have developed .HipHop domains, and this post highlights four of them, including a linked screenshot of their homepage, as well as a video showcasing a sample of their music.

New Domain Name Category Offers Alternatives, Relevance
The good news is that a new category of domains and alternatives to .com now exists that includes everything from .accountant to .boutique, to .menu to .services, and even alphabetized extensions like .xyz — a range of options that numbers into the hundreds.

Infographic (update 2016)
Do you know all 882 domain name endings? From .com to .whatever
Nameshield’s new gTLD team has world class expertise in the following areas of Registry Management.
The Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH) is the most important rights protection mechanism built into ICANN’s new gTLD program. Its' a centralized database of verified trademarks, that is connected to each and every new Top Level Domain (TLD) that will launch.
This Premium domain name is for sale at
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New gTLD sites add new challenges to Brand Owners
Not a surprise, as infringers test the limits of trademark owners. Although, I don’t have exact statistics, but I’m confident that every trademark owners is not registered with the Trademark Clearing House and thus unaware when an infringer registers a domain with their trademark.

Chinese Domain Registrar Moves from 72e.Net To 72.Win
According to a press release out today, Foshan DiYong Network Co. Ltd, a domain name registrar in China has decided to change their domain name, from to the new gTLD

PsyBoG: A scalable botnet detection method for large-scale DNS traffic
Domain Name System (DNS) traffic has become a rich source of information from a security perspective. However, the volume of DNS traffic has been skyrocketing, such that security analyzers experience difficulties in collecting, retrieving, and analyzing the DNS traffic in response to modern Internet threats.

ICANN55: IANA Transition Plan, Sexual Harrassment, ICANN New gTLDs
ICANN55 wrapped up today in Marrakech, Morocco, with the final day's Public Forum and ICANN Board of Directors Meeting. As expected, the ICANN Board approved the transmittal of the IANA Stewardship Transition Proposal to NTIA, U.S. Department of Commerce, in Washington, D.C., in response to NTIA's 14 March 2014 announcement. A tired and self-congratulatory mood permeated the last day of ICANN55.
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