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Trickle Newsletter June: 2016

Welcome to the 2016 edition of our Friends of Starkweather Creek Newsletter.  We are looking forward to a great summer on the creek.  We had a cleanup event on Earth Day weekend, April 23, and the creek has never looked so clean!  As usual, there were many turtles out basking in the sun.  We hope you will take some time this Memorial Day weekend and visit the creek.  And check out our Calendar of Events below to find out about more opportunities.  Don't forget to post pictures of your visit on our facebook page!  Hope to see you out there.
Friends of Starkweather Creek
2016 Calendar of Events
CONTACT US at if you want to volunteer to help at our listed events or if you’d like to lead a bike/hike/canoe tour. 


11th:  Tree Walk led by Sean Gere – 2nd Saturday.  Walking Tour of Starkweather Creek led by certified arborist Sean Gere. Location to be determined. Visit our website at or join our facebook page for final date and details.
15th:  Goodman Summer Camp begins (featuring tours of the creek for the campers)
21st:  Board Meeting, 7-8 pm, Goodman Center

28th:  Earth Partnership for Schools tour of Starkweather Creek
FSC Board Activities:  Creek Monitoring, Watershed Wanderers Camp in partnership with Goodman Center


19th:  Board Meeting, 7-8 pm, Goodman Center

30-31:  Table at Atwood Fest.  Learn more about Starkweather Creek at our table.  VOLUNTEERS TO BE AT THE TABLE ARE NEEDED.  To volunteer, send us a message at
FSC Board Activities:  Creek Monitoring, Watershed Wanderers Camp in partnership with Goodman Center


16th:  Board Meeting, 7-8 pm, Goodman Center

TBD:  Bike Tour
FSC Board Activities:  Creek Monitoring


20th:  Board Meeting, 7-8 pm, Goodman Center

TBD: Canoe Tour
FSC Board Activities:  Creek Monitoring


Annual Meeting:  TBD
18th:  Board Meeting, 7-8 pm, Goodman Center
FSC Board Activities:  Creek Monitoring


Dec 21st:  Winter Solstice Celebration at Olbrich Gardens.  Meet at the baseball diamond near the lake for a parade and BONFIRE.

Friends of Starkweather Creek
Strategic Action Plan 2016 


Adopted by FSC Board on January 19, 2016



  • OBJECTIVE 1: Continue efforts to monitor and report on the quality of water to the creek.
  • OBJECTIVE 2:  Promote a natural appearance for streambanks and wetlands that provides healthy habitat for fish and wildlife.  
  • OBJECTIVE 3: Promote access to the creek by foot, peddle, and paddle.
  • OBJECTIVE 4:  Continue to work in collaboration with residents and groups to enhance the natural resources in the watershed. 
    • Continue our partnership with the Goodman Center through the Watershed Wanderers summer camp program.
  • OBJECTIVE 5:  Work to create a strong network of community members and Neighborhood Associations who will work together with local governments to advocate for the creek and help ensure that public policies are supportive of watershed health.
  • OBJECTIVE 6:  All new developments and redeveloped areas will incorporate measures to help improve the health of the creek.  
  • OBJECTIVE 7: Promote our organization’s membership, volunteer corps, organizational structure and recordkeeping system, and seek adequate funding to accomplish annual and long-term goals. 
    • This year we will continue working to improve on our website and newsletter.  If you would like to volunteer to lend your expertise to this effort, please contact us at

Thanks for your support

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for supporting our work to revitalize Starkweather Creek by participating in our canoe tours and creek cleanups, by lending your expertise, and, especially, with your membership.  If you have not yet had a chance, please take a moment now at to renew your membership and consider making a donation to help us continue our work. 
Please consider:
  • A gift of $25 to support our canoe tours
  • A gift of $50 to support our educational programs
  • A gift of $75 to pay for needed canoe storage and transportation
  • A gift of $100 for wetland restorations
  • A gift of any amount to show your support!
Please make checks out to Friends of Starkweather Creek and mail to Friends of Starkweather Creek, Post Office Box 8442, Madison, WI 53708-8442 or contribute via our webpage at
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