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Hurtworld Update #1

Hello Early Adopters!
Welcome to the first of many Hurtworld project updates! This series will be sent out fortnightly containing details of alpha changes, upcoming features and content previews. 

I'm Spencer, the founder of Bankroll Studios and lead developer on Hurtworld. We are small team of 6 based in Melbourne, Australia.


I've been getting heaps of questions about the game, so I'll try to briefly answer as many as I can here.

What is Hurtworld?
Hurtworld is a Multiplayer Hardcore FPS Survival Sandbox. Let's just call it a MHFPSSS for short?
We're focused on:
  • Survival progression that never becomes a trivial, and remains a meaningful challenge through to the endgame
  • Powerful sandbox tools that allow you to really change your environment
  • Hand crafted worlds that allow for a well balanced and tuned difficulty progression
  • Creating a platform for endless game types and maps.
  • Tight FPS Gunplay and Physics
What is the world like?
Our first official map "Diemen's Land" is a punishing desert world. There is a strong progression of difficulty the further you move away from the starting zone, including harsh environmental effects and dangerous creatures.  Even when well geared, procedural events can ruin your plans very quickly. The world is littered with ruins of times before, with plenty of tech to be scavenged.
When can I get an Alpha key?
We are working our way towards the first alpha build which we are aiming to get out by the end of June. Keys will be released in batches based on date subscribed, and enough people near you to populate a server. The best thing you can do to ensure you get a key is spreading the word to increase the chances we can support a server in your region.
Will you allow modding?
Modding is one of our top priorities. I look at Hurtworld as a platform for different sandbox game types. We are designing the game we want to play most, however the framework of player movement, gear, combat, environmental effects, AI, vehicles, construction and gathering can all be applied to vastly different game modes with very little work. We plan to release some minigame modes in future to run alongside the full survival mode, I can't wait to see what other people do with a solid FPS framework with the backing of a fleshed out survival game.
Can I shoot people in the face?
Yes PVP is an important part of Hurtworld. That said, murdering your fellow Hurtworldians needn't be the focus of the game, just a tempting option. We feel that survival games deteriorating into deathmatch is due to a lack of endgame content, and plan to address this by giving players other goals to set themselves. More on PVP soon...
This system will be one of the more fleshed out parts of the alpha, you can claim a plot of land, construct a home/stronghold using small prefabricated pieces of different shapes and sizes. Built to be extremely flexible we plan to create a massive library of both static and dynamic construction blocks. Currently in dev is dynamic machines, crafting automation and item/resource pipes and electrical cables!
Will you add procedural maps?
Currently we are focusing on hand crafted maps. We will eventually release an SDK for Unity so the community can create their own maps in-engine. It's not out of the realm of possibility that a server will have its own unique map designed by its admins.
Can I host my own server?
Yes! During the first phase of the alpha we will only be releasing the Windows client (which can be used to run a server), not far off we will release a Linux headless server build.
Can I make YouTube videos / stream / post thoughts?
Go for it! All I ask is that you clarify that we are in very early alpha when discussing the game.
Where can we talk about ideas / suggestions / bugs?
For general discussion we will be most active on reddit:
For bug reports please submit them here:
What's the player limit per server?
We are shooting for 50, during early alpha it may be less than that until we iron out some client side performance issues.

That will do for now, new gameplay trailer coming soon.


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