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Vol.1, No.1                                                                                   June, 2015                                                                                          
Our Mission: The Rochester Regional Coalition Against Human Trafficking (RRCAHT) is dedicated to eliminating human trafficking in our communities through education, advocacy, and networking with individuals and organizations.  
Legislative News


Junior League Holds Anti-Trafficking Event
Rochester-Produced Film on Trafficking Having A Worldwide Impact

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August 29
The 3rd Annual Stop the Trafficking – End the Cycle 5K Run/Walk will benefit Angels of Mercy, Inc., an organization that combats human trafficking locally and internationally.
Legislative News
by Melanie Blow,
NY Project Director, Stop Abuse Campaign
New York advocates celebrated heartily in March as the Trafficking Victims Protection and Justice Act passed both houses. This bill now makes it a felony for adults to purchase sex from children and registers such adults as sex offenders. This bill received universal support from the anti-trafficking forces in New York.

A federal bill, the Justice for Victims of Trafficking Act of 2015, has moved to the President’s desk for signing. This bill provides services to victims of child pornography, compensation to trafficked persons, and penalties for knowingly advertising for sex to minors.

A bill of significant interest in New York is the Child Victims Act, which would remove the statute of limitations on child sexual abuse and allow adult victims to sue their abuser. This would give child trafficking victims another tool to achieve justice against both customers and pimps, as well as against the non-commercial sexual abuse that usually starts their descent into trafficking.
BREAKING NEWS: On June 1 Congress unanimously passed the Girls Count Act of 2015. It will improve birth registration and documentation in developing countries, making adolescent girls a foreign policy priority—meaning the U.S. government will devote programs and funding to girls, helping them to reach their full potential.
Membership News

Are you a member of RRCAHT? If you join by December 31, 2015 you will be honored with the title "Founding Member." Your membership dues will last until December 31, 2016. For membership information, click here.

Junior League Holds Anti-Trafficking Event
by Melanie Blow,
NY Project Director, Stop Abuse Campaign
On Wednesday, April 29, the Junior League of Rochester held an educational and service event focused on human trafficking.
Participants watched a documentary about domestic sexual trafficking of children, to understand the nature and scope of the crime in the U.S. After that, Junior League president Rose Feor spoke about the New York State Junior League’s involvement in getting the Trafficking Victims Protection and Justice Act passed through both houses. RRCAHT member Melanie Blow spoke about trafficked persons in the community and introduced the service part of the evening.
Attendees then packed cloth grocery bags with a change of clothes, toiletries, personal care items and either journaling or coloring supplies. These bags, called CCAHT packs, provide trafficked or at-risk persons with some basic comforts and dignity.
Within 48 hours all 26 packs were distributed by Paper Bag Ladies, an outreach program focusing on the needs of disenfranchised women on the street and women isolated through incarceration.
Rochester-Produced Film on Trafficking Having A Worldwide Impact
by Heidi Ostertag, Senior Producer
Worldwide Documentaries, Inc.
Not My Life is the first film to depict the horrors and multiple manifestations of human trafficking on a global scale. Filmed in a dozen countries, including the United States, Not My Life focuses on trafficking’s primary victims: tens of millions of children around the world in the grip of traffickers and slaveholders who exploit them for farm and factory labor, begging, and sex.  In New York State, sex trafficking and the exploitation of migrant laborers continues to flourish, despite the enactment of state and federal laws designed to crack down on what is, essentially, a national underground criminal network that is as elusive as it is effective. 
Not My Life is premised on the fact that no great human rights struggle has ever succeeded without a critical mass of public opinion The powerful medium of film, with its multiple distribution and social marketing outlets and opportunities, can be a catalyst in the effort to galvanize public opinion, and it is clear, after four years of circulation throughout the United States and the international community, that Not My Life is doing just that. During this period over 131,000 individuals in the U.S. have engaged with Not My Life through sales, social media, and video platforms.. 
What has proven most impactful is that Not My Life, through its deeply moving presentation of victims and their stories, has a transformative effect on those who see it, speaking to their hearts as well as their minds. Here a student at St. John’s University shares his thoughts after viewing the film: "This video had me questioning what I really knew about the things that were going on in the world. It influenced me tremendously to the point where I am looking for summer work opportunities to work on the issue. I implore you to watch this video, and hopefully the strength of this film will have the same impact on you as it did on me.”

What we believe is that so long as the film remains in circulation, the odds are greater each day that we will indeed achieve a “critical mass” of leaders and ordinary people who together will bring an end to one of the cruelest chapters in human rights history the world has ever known. The Not My Life Action Center provides a world of information for you to explore.
RRCAHT event attendees show their solidarity with the world's slaves by forming heart shapes with their hands to symbolize hope for the millions of trafficking victims. From an event held at the Little Theatre on UN World Day Against Human Trafficking in Persons.
View the official trailer for Not My Life
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