Springing ahead with plans for April 2016 
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Welcome to Our Sacred Space! 

Where we are Growing a local Circle for Creative Wellness & Intentional Unity for all who attend.Together let’s create a safe local environment for Sustainable Independent Wellness through Unified Natural Feminine Energy. 
Next Circle Meeting: Thursday 7pm April 7th 2016 

RSVP by April 2nd

I am new to the Sister- Circle- Facilitator  concept and thankful to have all of you with me as I leap forward into this. Life is too short to sit back and wait for somebody else to provide what I need. I have a habit of just creating the things that I cannot find when I need them. With the exception of this. 
Until very recently, I have thought that I needed a "qualified" person to guide me into this unlock the door to the circle FOR LET me into the circle.
  I was wrong. Although the size and shape of every door is probably different; Each of us holds our own key to unlock the one we need to enter this sacred and powerful space for the sake of our own Wellness. 

I have explored several different "circles" of sisterhood in texts and online but, for the most, part have pursued these interests in a solitary way most of my life. Shortly before International Women's Day, while I was planning the SWAN Day activities, I came across the Unify Global Sisterhood message.
This is a universal message with great potential. The tools offered are not pushy or stringent in any way. I have decided to follow the model they present for establishing a circle. It includes a Global Unity purpose and provides a monthly theme at each New Moon.AND we can synchronize our circle with other circles all around the world if that turns out to be our thing.
There is a very flexible tweek-able format to meet the needs and intentions of the members of our own local circle...and, I hope... add in opportunities for Healing Art Activities from my Art Well curriculum. 
Extra Emails as we get started but, the intention is to ONLY send this newsletter once a month so that I am NOT bombarding you with loads of messages. However, feel free to contact me if you have questions about the circle, etc. I can usually reply to email within 24 to 48 hours. 
I have mixed feelings about facebook. So, for now, will refrain from creating a "private" group for our circle there.The event invitations will be posted on my Studio FB Page.  Although space is limited in the studio; it's NOT a secret. Feel free to share this newsletter and the website  event page  as an invitation. If we outgrow the studio we will find a bigger space...or split into multiple sessions...idk.. but, together we will figure it out.  
BYO pillow, blanket, yoga mat...whatever you need to stay comfy on the floor when we get down there.
Any personal sacred objects or tools you might like to share/use/include in the circle (i.e. fave candle to light to signify your own intentions, a powerful crystal, natural objects, etc.) 
New. Nervous. Determined. I will facilitate the Circles as needed. Happy to Host if anyone else would like to co-facilitate. I also like the idea of inviting other, more-experienced, Circle Sisters to present/share their Wellness Practices, too. 


Unify Global Sisterhood 
and My March Mandala Design
What happens
In the Circle
Stays in the Circle.
I have chemical sensitivities. So, do have to ask that we keep things as benign/organic as possible. Artificial scents tend to really bother when they burn in a candle. ....who knows...warmer weather may mean an OUTDOOR Fire Gathering.... to burn/release/let go of any junky obstacles to our Wellness...
Tapping into a variety of Ancient Theories and Assorted Creative Practices; The Creative Wellness Circle at SheilaLynnK Art Studio is not affiliated with any religion or established protocols or rituals. It is Open to diverse individual spiritual journeys on the path to Sustainable Independent Wellness. 
Suggested Sister Circle AGENDA
(approximately 2 hours)

- Welcome and Introductions– 15 minutes
- Presencing – 5 minutes
 - Creating the Container – 10 minutes
- Unify Heart Meditation and Theme Activation 10 minutes
[Theme for this New Moon in Aries: “I Am Powerful”]
 - Sharing exercise – 30 minutes
 - Body movement/break - 5 minutes
- New moon Intention setting exercise - 30 minutes
- Closing sharing - 15 minutes
Perhaps to grow into something like this... 
TENTATIVE AGENDA (approximately 2 hours)
- Welcome and Introductions– 15 minutes 
- Present and Safe in the Circle – 15 minutes
- Unify Heart Meditation and Theme Activation- 10 minutes
- Creative Connections Sharing and Journaling Activity – 15 minutes
-Art Well Moving Meditation  - 15 minutes
- Creative Wellness New moon Intention setting Artwell activity - 30 minutes
- Closing sharing - 15 minutes
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