SheilaLynnK Art Studio Projects and COVID19 Response 
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Keeping Art Accessible to All Members of Our Rural Community 

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In what feels like a perpetual holding pattern since March, there hasn't been much new news to report. As I am sure you know, the arts have been hit hard by the closing of so many things. If this is your first time receiving this newsletter, feel free to
browse the old news in the archives if you would like to get caught up on some of the things that USUALLY happen in the studio.
For now, it seems like a good time to begin planning which workshops, works-in-progress, and other things can transition into online content during the winter months ahead and re-visit with you the reasons I created my studio as a public, interactive, inclusive business instead of just retreating into oblivion in 
The Western NY Wilds. [Full disclosure: That temptation continues. :-) ]
The Mission Statement
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if you already know this.

~Creatively striving to participate in the Community of Life~

In addition to offering Affordable Prices on my own Original Art Work via diverse methods of accessibility, media, and genres; SheilaLynnK Art Studio has become a living work in progress with a focused Mission to provide the public with Affordable Tools for the development of Sustainable Independent Creative Wellness through the facilitation of an Online Creative Wellness Program (Free since the NYS lockdown began), Events, Projects, and Activities which support Intentional Global Unity and The practical application of Indigenous Knowledge for Modern Wellness and Sustainable Autonomy in Upstate New York, the therapeutic exploration of self-expression, the development of individual creative skills, the promotion of & participation in Creative Community Action, as well as, offering Affordable Space for local artists to display and sell their own work through Dec. 31, 2018. (The gallery space is no longer available.)

A registered wildlife habitat, abundant gifts from the Creative Wellness Garden at the studio have enriched and nourished this experience for all who participate. This space continues to provided inspiration for ephemeral land art and the creation of organic art supplies. 
As I have decided to leave the distractions of social media, all new projects and studio updates will be found in this Quarterly Newsletter, on my blog, my website, and on patreon.

Events and Projects at the studio include 

Editing the Allegany Arts Association Newsletter, and the Facilitation of 
SWAN Days Allegany County NY, (BOFA) Belfast Organization For Artists, The Art For Arachnoiditis Project, Creative Wellness Circles, Wellness Garden Adventures, The Tree Project, Events, Classes & Workshops, New projects,
and pending cooperation of the 2020 muses...

Creative energy helps us thrive when we least expect it.
In response to COVID-19 precautions,
to ensure the safety of patrons, visitors, family, and friends;
all in-person appointments and activities in the studio are postponed until additional information becomes available. 

The most current projects and studio updates are live
in my activity feed on patreon. 
Though subscribing patrons receive the most art,
there is an abundance of free content also available
in my Public Activity Feed for those who follow me there. 
Patreon is a platform which eliminates advertisements
and unsolicited content so that you can
browse the work of your favorite creators, follow for free,
enjoy behind the scenes content, and select your own subscription level 
without the other junk that you may find on other platforms. 

In need of something to inspire me to start drawing again, referencing the official #Inktober prompts (shown above), I am taking the leap into Inktober for the first time. 

During the month of October, Patrons subscribed at $2 and up are receiving extra rewards in the form of inky sketches based on these daily prompts. Though I may not post every day, these are patrons-first posts of all new Drawn4U Inktober content in the activity feed. 

This is all new for me. No clue where this path will lead. 
I hope you will visit to see where it goes.

Select your subscription level  to unlock
existing Drawn4U posts and future Inktober content. 

(Subscriptions can be increased, decreased, cancelled any time.)

We believe Culture is a Human Right. 
Inspired by the U.S. Department of Arts and Culture,
in November 2018 SheilaLynnK Art Studio adopted a Cultural Policy of Belonging
On this Indigenous People's Day and every day, we give thanks for the land and those who cared for it before us. 
At Mindful Art Studio, Amy Maricle is sharing wonderful creative methods to allow art to support your wellness. 
As the editor of the Allegany Arts Association Newsletter, I always welcome news and updates from our local member artists and instructors and would love to include as much about that as I can in every publication. Please email those updates to me with a subject line: AAA local artsy activities
Allegany Arts Association membership information can be found here.
Open to all local creative individuals and organizations living or working in Allegany County, NY
Local Creators are Invited to
Sign Up for inclusion in the new FREE online directory. This directory is intended to become a unified equitable resource to allow current and potential patrons to find your creative work.

Also, in the works....This project includes an opportunity to participate in a Public Service Announcement acknowledging the arts as a valuable local resource which benefits the resilience of our community.
Creators signed up for inclusion in the directory will also receive updates about the PSA project featuring works by local creators. 

Like so many things, the PSA portion of this project is on hold pending safe options relative to COVID19 updates from NYS and our local officials. 
{Just Things I love and want to share; These are not affiliate links.} 
Email and Online Messages are monitored on Tuesdays and Thursdays.      
News from BOFA
Allegany Arts Association Quarterly Art News
Creative Wellness Garden at SheilaLynnK Art Studio 
Creating Art and Equitable Access to Local Creative Things
at SheilaLynnK Art Studio in Wellsville, NY
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