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Creating Art and Equitable Access to Local Creative Things

Wow! It's been over a year since I visited your in box! 
Thanks for allowing me to take up this valuable space in your day. 
In what feels like a perpetual holding pattern since March 2020, there hasn't been much new studio news to report. The last newsletter I sent in October 2020 included a lot about the Mission, projects, and goals of the studio. In case you missed it, you can find that
If you did see it, you may remember that I had decided to take leave of social media at that time. However, that departure was postponed as COVID precautions seemed to warrant an effort to meet people where they are able to access the arts...On Line. 
So, keeping an open mind, I resumed social media participation and as you might have guessed, during the last eleven-ish months; it eventually eroded most of my after-working-away-from-the-studio vertical time. 

Though I did make time to post and share some Things 
on my blog and on patreon, I finally made the decision to leave FB for good so that I will have more vertical time for making  the Things and connections that matter more.  Now that I am wearing glasses to make art and read, my horizontal time is not as productive as it had become during the Art For Arachnoiditis Project. I still haven't figured out how to get the glasses to stay on while my head is in the face hole of my Ostrich Cot. So, time management has again become a more demanding, vertical entity than it was for a while. 

This month I will be making more art4u. BUT,
Due to COVID, the Studio and Creative Wellness Garden are
still closed to the public.
Curbside scheduled pick-up service will resume in December 2021. 
Studio Visits and Events are postponed with
the hope to resume those again in Spring 2022. 
Patrons will find out about those first but,
public updates will be posted on my website HERE

November is Art Every Day Month 

November is Art Every Day Month hosted by Leah Piken Kolidas
at Creative Every Day. 

Subscribing patrons will get the early previews and the most art as
I join #aedm again this year. 
But, a few of the posts will be free on my blog and
in my public activity feed on patreon.
It's free to Follow. 
Just scroll down to find the "Follow" button below the Rewards options
when you go to the link to become a patron. 

 Art Every Day Month doesn't always mean an end "product" to sell. For me, it is inspiration to acknowledge a diverse assortment of Things that require my Creative Energy while I am surviving the Stuff.
While you are waiting,
feel free to browse more FreeArt4U in
my prior Art Every Day activities here:

aedm 2015





Inspiring Things
In search of my a.w.o.l. Creative Spirit, I have been tapping into the creative flow at Woman Unleashed, following inspiration from Creative Alchemist, Sarah Greenman, ReWilding with Sabrina Lynn, looking forward to the new book by Sarah Love MCCoy, and revisiting and reading some new Things by Visionary Creators who help me focus.
  • The Kybalion
  • C.C. Leigh
  • St. Hildegard Von Bingen
  • Toko-pa Turner 
  • Lindsay Pera
  • Lisa Sonora
  • Heather Ash Amara
  • Parabola (magazine)
  • Mark Boyle
  • Nick Neddo
  • Robin Wall Kimmerer
  • Dina Falconi
  • Anne LaBastille
  • Diana Gabaldon 
  • Katrina Blair
  • Taproot Magazine
  • Sarah Ban Breathnach

Out of consideration for the possibility that I may be evolving into one who is too attached to her solitude, I've also been reading, "The Art of Gathering; How we Meet and Why It Matters," by Priya Parker. 

Growing a local Circle of Natural Feminine Energy for
Creative Wellness & Intentional Unity

Together let’s create a safe local environment
for Sustainable Independent Wellness
Since the pandemic alerts began, The Creative Wellness Circle meetings at the studio have been sporadic at best but, we've continued with them outdoors as weather permits. If you aren't already receiving it, you can Sign up HERE to receive news and updates about Creative Wellness Circle meetings, research, resources, and Community Calls for Unified Action. Or follow my FREE Creative Wellness Circle Newsfeed on patreon.
We give thanks for the land and those who cared for it before us. 
We believe Culture is a Human Right. 
Inspired by the U.S. Department of Arts and Culture,
in November 2018 SheilaLynnK Art Studio adopted a Cultural Policy of Belonging
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