NEW Moon Circle April 5th 7-9pm RSVP by March 29th 2019 
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Growing a local Circle of Natural Feminine Energy for Creative Wellness & Intentional Unity.Together let’s create a safe local environment for Independent Sustainable Wellness.

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April 5th 

(Image Credit: Khoitibet)

"Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, and thus a New Moon in Aries is especially ripe with opportunity for new beginnings. We might consider acting on a constructive impulse and following a hunch or taking a risk. Aries learns through experience and action, so we might treat ourselves to a little adventure now. It’s also a good cycle under which to discover the benefits of expressing ourselves with authenticity – expressing ourselves as we are, without putting on airs. We might also find ways to learn how to rely on ourselves and to be happy about doing so – it will go a long way towards finding inner happiness when we know that we can be self-sufficient without blaming others for not helping us out. It’s a time to revitalize ourselves through experiences that break the routine and that involve doing something new and fresh."
at SheilaLynnK Art Studio in Wellsville, NY 
7-9pm on April 5th
RSVP) by March 29th 2019 
TOPIC: Claiming Your Worth
  • A soul-guided Call to the Directional Energies
  • Announcements about Changes at UNIFY Global Sisterhood
  • Body Gratitude Wellness Meditation (10-12 minutes)
  • Offerings in-the-Round~ a call to share your knowledge, gifts, blessings, experiences, lessons-learned, and discoveries. 
  • A Creative Activity to Support Our Wellness with an opportunity to sign up for a time in the 2019 agenda to present/facilitate an activity you love. 
  • Basic Business and Group Discussion
  • Releasing of the Directions
Moving Day

Letting Go of That Which No Longer Serves
For Focus Sake
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Vernal Equinox
"Spring Equinox: Rebirth or Let Things Stay Buried?"
"I am a huge fan of hitting the reset button when needed, and rebirth sounds tempting, but sometimes the Spring Equinox is good for examining what’s in the deep, dark earth instead. What is down there may not need to spring forth (see what I did there?) and not see the light of day? Some things can stay buried longer and stay deeply, deeply buried. Some may call it shadow work, self-examination, digging deep into the psyche. I propose this: take time to examine what is buried deep under the surface of yourself. Take one evening when you have nothing else planned, and gather the following: "~Lisa Wagoner
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(Image Credit: Astrograph)

The Full Moon on April 19, 2019


"The full moon on Friday April 19, 2019 at 29° Libra is opposite Uranus. This means your need for change, excitement or freedom could make you restless and impulsive. Unexpected events and unpredictable behavior could add much tension to close relationships...The April 2019 full moon also highlights relationship imbalances involving emotional support and love. Asteroid Hybris conjunct the full moon calls for compassion and humility to replace overconfidence and arrogance...Flexibility will help you make adjustments in response to changing circumstances. Compromise and love will help restore the karmic balance." ~Astrology King

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