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Whatever Keeps You Up In the Air, Because Away From the Couch It's All Lava
72" x 60"  oil on canvas  2015

The low angle of the sun and cooling air outside make the passing of time seem heightened right now and you can see it in the paint, too. What looks fast on the surface belies the many months and layers buried beneath, all adding up to an archeology of color that hums with prolonged a gutter full of discarded ribbons after a homecoming parade. 

Sorry, Not Sorry #1
8" x 12"  pencil on paper  2015

Part of a series of portraits based on vintage mugshots, these drawings of defiant women are full of character and pathos. They are also reminiscent of studies that Bernini made of Charles I, like architectural renderings of the face from different angles, so that detailed sculpture could be created later on.

Reading To Rubens
12" x 14"  oil on panel  2015

I liked the idea of my friend Lilia parking herself in the middle of a Baroque tiger hunt to catch up on her reading. Unlike the big landscapes, this one was done all in one sitting, wet-into-wet as they say. There's a freshness and energy that comes with that speed...and a sense of time that is far more immediate.

I hope you are having a poignant and fulfilling month, if you'd like to see more art please visit my website or my gallery.

If you'd like to check in at the Fairfax studio you can also give me a call at 415-453-6627.
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