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You Forgot the Boat But Don't Feel Bad
24" x 36"  oil on canvas  2015

Sometimes if I sneeze loud enough here in the studio the strings of my guitar on the wall will quietly ring in sympathy. To my mind, this is a perfect metaphor for human connectedness and what is best about the holidays: a heightened sense of empathy for each other that ideally brings us closer. It also demonstrates the very real challenges that face us even in the most promising may have a friend who feels you, but also that guitar has now been sneezed on.

Maybe, When You Pass, You Wake Up and You're the Mayor of an Animal Town
12" x 10"  pencil on paper  2015

Ron Funches is a comedian and actor who is uniquely funny and completely endearing, I first saw him in a short interview on The Pete Holmes Show...just watching him is to feel your heart expand a little bit. To understand the title of this tribute drawing you can watch the video here.

12" x 12"  oil on panel  2015

Dogs are about as free with the love as it gets, so capturing some of that feeling in a painting shouldn't be that hard, right?

As it turns out, it's not that hard. They are almost all great models, if you are patient enough, and the people who care about them are super-appreciative when you give them the finished art.

Plus, a bristle brush loaded with oil paint actually wants to make marks that look like hair and really these things kind of make themselves.

May this season be a time of soothing empathy and warm companionship, but if you do need a break at some point from all the family time maybe you'd like to see more art? It's only a click away at my website or my gallery.

And if you really need some space you can always visit me at the Fairfax studio, give me a call at 415-453-6627.
" Oh man!! I love it. Thanks Jeffrey!! "  - Pete Holmes