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Happy June everyone!

Time is flying by and we are thrilled for some summer fun! Here’s what we’ve got for you at Open Look!

Growing the right target audience for your niche is critical for maximizing revenue results from advertising and other revenue channels. Businesses are utilizing different mediums to draw up a complete rundown of leads including email, social media and of course, telemarketing.

Telemarketing offers an essential piece of the overall approach for publishers. As a matter of fact, telemarketing can be utilized year-round even outside of requalification and new name audience development. Progressive telemarketing providers connect with customers who are using telemarketing as a profit center. Businesses benefit from the adaptability of this approach as telemarketing campaigns can be modified on demand within just hours, matching the changing needs of the business atmosphere.

The Open Look Audience Department specializes in growing and defining a client’s audience through various telemarketing objectives such as, controlled and audited circulation, market research, and lead generation.

With Open Look’s audience development specialists, you’ve got something more. Instead of wondering about what works, you’ll know. And when this data is part of everyday operation, your publication is ahead of the curve.


Open Look is offering Discounted Summer Pricing on all Audience Development projects! All it takes is a few minutes of your time — Just hit reply to this email with your contact info and we’ll take it from there!

Let us help you on the path to profit!

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