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Imagine your life 3 months from today...

Dear <<First Name>>
Is it not ironic that most of us only try wellness interventions AFTER we are already suffering from symptoms or have become really ill?!
Why do we not take better care of our bodies, hearts, minds and souls?
Imagine what your health and life could be like 3 months from now if you chose differently today?

  • More joy
  • Quiet mind
  • More energy
  • Reduced stress
  • Less or no pain and inflammation
  • Better sleep
  • Strong immunity
  • Weight loss
  • Balanced hormones
Are you ready for your Radical Transformation?
In just 90 days you can Transform on all levels, increase your immunity and fall in love with yourself and your life.
Hear how people are healing from pain, imbalance and trauma and rediscovering their bliss and purpose with this programme.

You can read some of our testimonials here.
For more information on this journey and what it entails click here.

Ready to start your 90 day transformation with us? Clink here.
Powerful frequency technology to assess health and treat -  available in the Garden Route
Have you heard the expression that Everything is frequency and energy?

What about Frequency Therapy?

This is a natural health modality based on the use of electronic frequencies to assess and bring about improvements in a person’s health.

Frequency therapy is becoming the medicine of the future, as it is a very efficient way of cleaning our bodies and strengthening our immune systems.

At Gateway To Wellness, we make use of very powerful Resonance Diagnostics to get a 360 degree picture of our clients overall health.
It can very accurately access the dynamics of their health as well as the process of the decay of the biological structures of the body. When the 20 minute evaluation is complete, the MRA Scanner gives a report on possible damaged tissues, probable ailments and diseases (Pathomorphology), allergies, toxins, microorganisms and parasites in the body as well as suggestions to cure or treat.
It is a non invasive process utilising frequency that is passed via headphones. 

We also make use of Rife therapy which is a very natural and highly efficient way of eliminating infections from viruses, bacteria, molds and other parasites, cleaning the body of toxins, and addressing inflammation.
3 in 1 Frequency Therapy offer
Just for signing up to Gateway to Wellness, you can receive a full body health assessment +1 meta therapy treatment  + 3 rife treatments for only R1040 (normal price R1800). Split into 4 consultations estimated at 5 hours in total). That's a saving of R760.
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Iyengar Yoga with Marion to balance body and mind
Marion Witte is an Iyengar Yoga practitioner providing essential instruction to help balance body and mind. Marion has been a yoga practitioner for 29 years and her classes are immensely popular.
I do not know what I would do if I did not have my regular twice weekly sessions with her! Keeps me sane and balanced. She helps many of my clients with various posture issues.
There are just a few spots left so do give her a call to see where she can fit you in.
She also offers a wonderful 3 hour restorative yoga one Saturday of the month and its pure happiness to the body. Come give it a try and see for yourself. Call her on 084207 6822. Space extremely limited.
Hypnotherapist and reiki practitioner to assist you with getting to the Core of issues preventing you from living a full, happy life
Published author, hypnotherapist and reiki practitioner, Chez Valenti, joined our team last November. Prompted by Corona and wanting some changes in his busy life, and the stressors that accompany that, he and his wife made the choice to move to Knysna. Chez had a successful, sold out book launch in Johannesburg and we will be organising another book launch soon here in Knysna. Dates to follow. He is focusing on public speaking and writing but has made himself available for Gateway to Wellness clients, practicing with me at The Art Centre, 4 Montagu Street, Knysna. You can book with him on 082 880 2739. If you have not tried regression therapy then make 2022 the year you do this for yourself!
Two new products now available
Our Naturologist, Andre Slabbert, Natural Healing, has formulated a whole new range of magnesium sprays for various ailments and we are seeing amazing results. If you are lucky you may be well aware of his wonderful and effective tinctures and supplemental support that he produces which we use in all our protocols. These new products address hair loss, pain, stress, sleep etc. You can get them from me at my practice at The Art Centre, 4 Montagu Street or from the shop Natural Healing, 10 Queen Street, Knysna.
Topical spray to combat pain and inflammation R220.
Topical spray to boost hair follicles and stimulate growth R220.
Lastly, remember. When we create positive loving change within our lives, we shift energy for others and our Planet. It starts with YOU.

May you be healthy and happy xxx

If you know of someone that can benefit from our services, please share this mailer with them. Thank You x
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