I am just checking in to hear how you are getting along on your Radical Transformation journey.

You may be blissfully forging ahead to creating the health and life you want by now. Share your good news!

Or maybe you’ve got a little side-tracked. That is also ok. Be kind to yourself and do not lose faith. Reach out if you need more assistance and guidance.

I work with many people at any given time so I encourage you, in order to get the most out of this programme, commit to all the services, read the complete manual or guides, do the suggested exercises, begin a journal of your experiences and attend the talks and gatherings. Do the work.

Please get in touch via email or WhatsApp now and again and keep me posted as to your progress. Reach out if you need assistance. Share with me your ah ah’s and victories.

*Driving your Radical Transformation is your responsibility.

I can only facilitate to the level that you commit to the process for yourself. I urge you to keep me in the loop of your progress. I want to be able to offer hands on support and this is so much easier if you drive your own transformation. Plus, I’m only human after all. 😊

Radical – complete, thorough, progressive

Transformation – change, alteration, conversion

Lastly, remember. When we create positive loving change within our lives, we shift energy for others and our Planet. It starts with YOU.

If there is something specific you need help with or would like to see included in this programme, to be of more value on your journey, please let me know so I can make sure we constantly improve... so that your wellness journey has more impact.

Here is the link to my closed Facebook Group Radical Transformation in 90 days again in case you have not joined yet.

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