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Salute to all women on this special day!

Well to be honest every day is Women's Day for me. Everyday I celebrate the wonderful women in my life including myself lol. It's an essential part of living a happy life right? My clients are fantastic strong, courageous women - business women, mothers, friends, community leaders and another group of dynamic women...the incredible "Millennials" & 'Zoomers" but especially the Indigo's. Wow a lot of names....Read more about them below and may you all have a fantastic week filled with surprises and blessings!

Indigo's and their health issues
I'm not a hundred percent sure if its because the older I get the more childlike I become, or because I chose not to have children in this lifetime, but rather nurture all life now, or because its my destiny (a few visits with mediums, psychic's and other 'seeing' people has revealed this to be so for me)...that the more I work through my own inner child wounds I attract more Millennials and Zoomers into my world.
More specifically, the Indigo, Star Seed souls. Probably because I am one too and I actively use energy to attract the  clients I choose to work with.

If you are a parent of one of these special people, here's some information that you should know so that you can better understand them and help them with their health and happiness.  Read more here...
Boomers, Gen X, Gen Y, Gen Z, and Gen A explained
So this is not my area of expertise and I do not like boxing or labeling people but it does help me to understand what each generation struggles with, the challenges they face and how that may impact on their health and happiness. Are you a Boomer or Millennial? See which generation you belong to and maybe you can also get some tips on understanding your children better if you are a parent of a Gen y, Z or A.
Health Assessments
Receive a full body health assessment + a meta therapy treatment  + a report and recommendations for R600. I use a hair sample to perform a health scan to check for pathogens (parasites, viruses, bacteria, fungus, candida etc), toxins, sensitivities/intolerances and stress levels. 
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Are pathogens sucking the life out of you?
I believe there are 3 causes of disease namely Pathogens, Toxins and Stress.
Pathogens is a broad term for parasites, viruses, bacteria, flukes, protozoa, amoebas - well the whole spectrum of organisms in your body that could cause harm under the right circumstances namely a compromised immune system.
Here are the questions I get asked most often regarding pathogens and what a person can do to manage them and stay healthy.
3 products to clean out Pathogens (parasites, viral load, fungus, bacteria)
Our Naturologist, Andre Slabbert, Natural Healing, has formulated 3 powerful *spagyric medicinal products that we use in our cleansing protocols to bring down pathogen loads and address symptoms. These tinctures are alcohol free. One is for parasites, the other addresses fungal load and the last one is for bacteria/viral load. Its advisable to perform a pathogen cleanse at least twice a year, especially if you have pets.
You can get them from me at my practice at The Art Centre, 4 Montagu Street or from the shop Natural Healing, 10 Queen Street, Knysna.
What is spagyric herbal medicine?
Spagyric dismantles the components of the herb or botanical and then reassembles them. Included with other disciplines, it is part of the science of alchemy. Spagyric medicine is a European biological medical modality that incorporates homeopathy, herbology, and pharmacology based on the observations and research of one of the most famed physicians of all time, Paracelsus.
Lastly, remember. When we create positive loving change within our lives, we shift energy for others and our Planet. It starts with YOU.

May you be healthy and happy xxx

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