ROIs of Over 100:1
May 03, 2016

New TSG eReport Finds Transaction Processing Costs Decreasing

The Strawhecker Group recently surveyed the merchant acquiring industry to determine the prevailing line item pricing rates for the cost of third-party processing in the U.S. market.  The study included merchant acquirers who use third-party providers for front-end authorization and back-end settlement services.

Key Findings
  • Authorization Costs decrease moderately for all but the largest acquirers
  • Customer Service and Terminal Help Desk Support Fees decrease for all but the largest acquirers
  • Merchant Statement Fees increase
  • Merchant on File includes more bundling
  • PCI and Government Compliance Fee decrease
  • EMV fees emerge
  • Competition for acquirer business leaves new players with lower costs than established ones
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Buyers of TSG's Merchant Processing Pricing Study have seen ROIs of Over 100:1 by utilizing the findings from this eReport.

In total, information was gathered from 83 front-end authorization portfolios and 78 back-end settlement relationships. The chart that follows shows the distribution of data across the volume bands, along with the aggregate monthly transactions for each category.

Did You Know? Chargeback Processing

Enjoy the following excerpt from the study, which looks at chargeback processing by volume band. This data represents 4 of 150 line items represented in the full report.

Note: Numbers represent U.S. $ per chargeback transaction 
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