February 2020  Issue 59   Vol. 1
What Will You Do
With Your
Extra Day?
A Nugget of Wisdom for Your Faith

February 2020
It’s time for the sun and earth to synchronize their rotations and revolutions so that mankind can keep track of its days on the February calendars.  In other words, it’s Leap Year. I’m not telling anyone anything new when I talk about this year being a 366 day year rather than the more common 365 days.  We all know that the actual rotation of the sun takes 365 and 1/4 days, making it necessary that every four years the calendars be stretched by 1/365th to include an extra day.

If we wouldn’t adjust the calendar, we would have the seasons and the calendar out of sync to the point that in several centuries we would have Christmas celebrations in the early days of summer. 
I wonder if God is laughing at us for fretting over this 6 hour “hanger-on-er” at the end of our 365 days.

I wonder also what will come from this extra day in our calendar year:
  • Will it be just one more day for evil to manifest itself in another act of bloodshed or other terroristic action?
  • Will it be another day for an individual to swindle, assault, insult, or otherwise mistreat another?
  • Will it be an opportunity for a child to disrespect his or her parents, or for a parent to mistreat and abuse a child?
  • Will we earthlings find a fellow earthling who needs special help or attention and affect a change in that individual’s life?
  • Will someone be born on that day who will have a colossal impact on the world eight Leap Years later?
  • Will someone have an extra day to find the cure for, say—cancer? Alzheimers disease? arthritis? tooth decay? etc?
  • Will someone find a way to power our transportation, industry, agriculture, and generally all mechanical/electrical uses with an energy source that is virtually clean or totally “green”?
  • Will we, believers, use the extra day to reach one more person with the Gospel? 
  • Will we practice and share the lessons taught by Jesus showing us how to treat our fellow beings?
  • Will we find another day to forgive and forget someone else’s offense against us?
  • Will we use this day to apologize and ask forgiveness for something we have done to someone else?
  • Will we tell another of the perfect, sacrificial, life that Jesus lead, doing what none of us, sin-filled humans, could do—obey the entire Law, faultlessly, to the letter of that Law?
  • Will we share the hope and confidence we have in spending eternity in heaven with Jesus, on the merit of the death and resurrection of our Spotless Lamb?
  • Will we, as Paul says in I Thessalonians 4, see the Archangel, hear the trumpet call, and see Jesus coming to raise those who have died in Christ, gathering us in His arms, and ushering us into His heavenly realms?
Wouldn’t that be an amazing use for the extra day in 2020?
God’s blessings to each of you as you enjoy and share His grace and bountiful love this Leap Year!
Stan Fehlhafer

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