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Dear Messiah Family,

This past Sunday there was a gentleman on the sidewalk on 84th Street in front of Messiah who had a feather banner, and was inviting people to stop and sign a political petition. There was also an email sent from a different individual to a large group of people regarding the same topic. These were in no way connected to Messiah, nor was permission asked for or granted to either party.

In the case of the person by 84th Street on Sunday: The sidewalk is public property, so this person was not breaking any laws. But his presence did raise some questions from members and guests.

I believe this is a good opportunity to remind us, as the Body of Christ, of some important points:

  • Messiah is a place of ministry and sanctuary where we gather to rest in the strong arms of our loving Father, grow in faith, and then get sent out into the community and world to share His love.
  • As the Body of Christ we are a diverse family with different political and social views, and yet we can (and should) love each other as brothers and sisters in Christ. 
  • We are blessed to live in a country where we can get involved in the political process in peaceful and appropriate ways; we can disagree on many issues and yet gather as family.
  • We can talk about, preach on, and communicate God’s truth from His Word on issues that are foundational to our faith and practice, i.e., sanctity of life, Biblical definition of marriage, lifestyles that go against God’s design and are considered sinful, to name a few.
  • Where there is conflict, we can follow Matthew 18:15ff, and be reconciled by grace.
  • At Messiah, we strive for clear and consistent communication, and we value protecting your personal contact information. 
  • Official Messiah communications are intended to carry out our mission and vision. If you have questions about our communication policies, or have received a communication and you’re wondering whether it came from Messiah, please reach out to us.

There is way too much division in our world. God’s Word should ALWAYS have the final say regarding all issues, including politics and social issues. Our calling is to be so well-grounded in His Word that all our decisions and actions, including politics, reflect His truth, love, grace, and mercy that draws people to Jesus.

Being unified starts with you, and me, and us! It starts with us treating one another with love and respect even when we disagree with each other. When we face issues that God is silent on, we can love each other despite our differences of opinion. 

When we face issues where God speaks clearly, we unite around His Word and His will with grace, compassion and understanding. The point is: In the end we are always united as a family. We stand firmly on the truth of God’s inerrant Word — rejoicing and praising God for His grace and salvation through Jesus.

United in Him,
Pastor John

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