New Adult Study on Wednesday Nights at Messiah

“The quality of your life tomorrow depends on the quantity of your investment today!” How do you interpret this statement? How do you think many people in our world today would understand it? How would Jesus define it?

Not only does Jesus promise that we can live a full and abundant life, He also gives us the right investment strategy to get there. That’s right, Jesus was very interested, and had much to say, about how, what, and where you invest in this life. His promise? If you follow His investment strategy your life will overflow with abundance like you’ve never seen or experienced before.

As we start 2020, along with getting Cross Fit on Sunday mornings through our sermon series in 2 Timothy, let’s also learn to become wise investors of life’s five capitals the way Jesus did.

This five-week study (starting January 8th) will be based on the book Oikonomics written by Mike Breen and Ben Sternke. You do not have to buy the book for this study, but you will be blessed by reading it through. It is a wonderful book and quick read.

Oikonomics: How to Invest in life’s Five Capitals the way Jesus Did

• Financial Capital
This is simply the money we have available to invest, measured in dollars and cents, pounds and pennies, etc. We are most familiar with this one, because we work with it every day. It’s neither good nor bad, it’s simply a resource we have available to invest. 

• Intellectual Capital
This is the creativity and knowledge we have available to invest, measured in concepts and ideas. This is of higher value than financial capital, because you can’t create ideas and creativity simply by spending a lot of money. Jesus wasn’t just a holy person who prayed a lot—he was also a smart person who thought a lot. As Dallas Willard has said, “Jesus wasn’t just nice, he was brilliant!”

• Physical Capital
This is the time and energy we have available to invest, measured in hours and minutes. It comprises the time we make available for tasks, projects, and relationships, as well as the capacity we have to use that time. Our overall health comes into play here, because it greatly affects our ability to invest our time and energy.

• Relational Capital
This is the “relational equity” we have available to invest, measured in family and friends, the quantity and quality of our relationships with others. Having family and friends is extremely valuable, and the amount of relational capital we have accrues to us in many ways, from our overall sense of well-being and happiness to more tangible ways. 

• Spiritual Capital
This is the “spiritual equity” we have available to invest, measured in wisdom and power. We see people astonished at Jesus’ teaching, because it was filled with authority and wisdom, and his miracles, because they expressed a degree of God’s power that they’d never seen before. Jesus was “rich” in spiritual capital.

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