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Welcome back advisors! We hope you had a relaxing and safe Holiday break. Many advisors have reached out to us regarding their school’s back to school plans as it relates to COVID (face to face or virtual). Many schools have opted to delay their face to face start date which means many schools are returning after the region competition dates. Because of this we are rescheduling our region dates. Please read the below details. 


Online Testing will be conducted January 11th-19th.  Testing will be open the entire week. Testing will conclude at 5PM on January 19th. If your school is still virtual, your students can be proctored by their local proctor by using a Zoom like format (whatever your local school’s virtual platform is). The proctor should ask students to show their surroundings to ensure no notes are being used, and ask the student to share their screen during the test to ensure no web browsing. ** IMPORTANT ** All teams are still required to test at the same time! 


Virtual submission is currently open and will close on January 19th at 5PM. The links for submission can be found in the region technical standards. Please be sure to click your region link for submission. If your school is virtual and your student needs to work to submit their virtual submission the student can still be proctored by their local proctor virtually by using your local school systems virtual meeting platform. It will be fine to submit the recording of their competition. Students will not be judged on the quality of the video(exception being Broadcast News), but the quality of the contest. 


Virtual LIVE contests (extemporaneous speaking and job interview) will be held on January 20th. You will be hearing from your region chair directly regarding your contestant's competition time and the virtual platform that will be used.  


*** Regarding Job Skills Demo A & Open *** 

These two contests must be held on school property due to liability reasons. Because students may be using tools and/or equipment it is imperative that they are supervised not only by their instructor but also their proctor. Should your student not be able to compete at their local school please let the SkillsUSA Georgia office know and we will issue a refund for this student. 


**** IMPORTANT ****
SkillsUSA Georgia has created a checklist for region teachers and competitors. Please review this document so that you and your students are fully prepared for region competition. 


*** NEW! *** 

Students competing in Job Skill Demo A, Job Skill Demo Open, and/or Prepared Speech will sign that they agree and will abide by the following guidelines:

  • I will upload the first recording of my filmed project submission or video submission. 

  • I will not edit or alter my video to remove mistakes or make changes that would 

  • give me a competitive advantage. 

  • I will ensure that a proctor (a non-SkillsUSA advisor) is present for the recording. 

  • I will not use any outside resources during my presentation/demonstration/display. 

  • I will ensure that all cell phones and other electronic devices (except my computer or tablet) are turned off. 

  • I will be accountable to myself, to other competitors, and I will consider the effects on others should I not uphold these standards. 

Once they have signed this statement, they will need to ask their Parent/Guardian, SkillsUSA Advisor, and non-SkillsUSA proctor to read and sign the statement as well. They will need to sign and upload the Integrity Statement by the competition date (January 19th). The link to the Integrity Statement upload can be found here: Integrity Statement Upload Link

If you have not secured your TESTING proctor yet, they will need to complete the Proctor Online Form before your students will be able to compete.  


⭐️ One last reminder is that résumés are only submitted for the Job Interview contest. 


PLEASE take a close look at the region website as it contains a lot of information and documents that you will need to review to be successful at region contests. 


To recap new region dates are below: 

January 11-19 5PM: Online Testing 

January 11-19 5PM: Virtual Submission 

January 20: Virtual Live 


Thank you for your patience and understanding as we all work together to make region competition available for as many students as we can. 

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