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Oh my aching butt...

This has been a common theme for people coming in for bike fits so far this year.  Well, maybe most years.  Humans weren't designed to sit on bike saddles, so it's no surprise this direct contact point with the bike can be problematic and difficult to solve.
There are a few causal categories:
Clothing: no chamois, wrong chamois shape or padding, not using chamois cream, wearing undies under bike shorts.

Activity Level: suddenly increasing ride duration or frequency.  If you are used to riding a a couple of days a week, and then bang out 2 or 3 days in a row, that can hurt, but it should be temporary.

Body Asymmetry: lateral pelvic tilt, pelvic rotation, leg length difference, riding posture, all affect weight distribution.

Saddle Type: and how well it supports your anatomy.  The two main variables are width and shape (or profile).  A saddle needs to be wide enough to support your sit bones, but the right width and wrong shape wont be comfortable.  I commonly see saddles that are too narrow to offer optimal pelvic support, but that is only part of the issue.  It's not only the width at the rear, but the width of the nose that can be an issue. The profile from the back can be flat, semi-round or rounded.  The profile from the side can be flat, hammock, or curved.  Center cutout, or not. Then there is padding: none, a little or a lot.  More padding can mean more problems.
An old saddle may be broken down, or actually broken - which I saw a few weeks ago.

Saddle position: height, setback, tilt and rotation all affect your posture and comfort.

Identifying the culprit is key to coming up with a solution, and the solution usually involves some experimentation.  If you are still tender when trying out a different position or saddle, you are not going to know right away if that works for you or not. But it shouldn't take months or years either.  Your body will let you know what's good, usually through an absence of discomfort.  i.e the saddle should disappear from under you.

If this is a topic of interest there is a more indepth article here, which draws a lot on research done by Trek Bicycles. Thanks to a client for bringing this article to my attention.
Don't let a sore butt keep you off your bike.  If pain persists, see your bike fitter!

Cycling the Web

I come across some interesting cycling websites, blogs and podcasts and thought I would share a few of these.  I'll occasionally re-post an interesting article on Facebook.
If you are a looking for beginner tips and encouragement, I Love Bicycling has useful tips and tricks to de-mystify the sport.
Touring cyclists should take a look at Cycling About, and competitive types interested in the latest science and research affecting performance could listen into the Threshold podcast from Semi Pro Cycling.
Let's not overlook the local and information filled Cycling Utah, to which I contribute a monthly article that is usually about bike fit.

Fitting Feedback

Effective and successful bike fitting requires knowledge, skill and experience, and your feedback makes a big contribution to all of this.  Adjustments and recommendations made in the fit studio are all hypothetical until tested under real riding conditions on the road or trail.  The only way for me to know what has really worked is to hear back from you, which is why I like to get your feedback.  Some fit issues are solved in one session, and that's great.  Some take more time and testing, and an in the end it may not even be about your bike fit position.  If a fit issue is not resolved to your satisfaction, please tell me so we can re-assess and test. 
If you are stoked, tell me, and others too!  People are looking for reviews and feedback from other riders to feel more confident about getting a bike fit.  So I appreciate any "shout-outs" I get on social media cycling forums, and also invite you to drop a comment / review onto my Facebook page, or Google.
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